"10 Pak Download Page"

As you know, this is an incredible package deal where you get a ton of training programs for one price. Now, this means that not every single program is going to be totally relevant to you, so I don't recommend "starting at the top and working down" instead, take a look at the topics, choose the one you need the most help with now, study it, then study the topic you need the most help with once you've completed the first one, and so on.

I also encourage you to consider joining my Weekly Platinum Training call, if you aren't already a member. We meet each Thursday at 2 PM ET, and I generally teach on a hot, relevant topic, generally I teach something that has never-been-taught-before qualities, and then open the call for q and a . . . if you are interested, you can try it out here: Platinum Weekly Training Call

To your success, and happy studying!

Sean Mize

Author, Anyone Can Coach

"10 Pak" Downloads:

Offer and Conversion Training

30 Day Info Business

Advanced Optimization and Profit Download

Content Marketing Training Program

Reverse Funnel Training Program (this is my most powerful release this year, and is powering new clients to high levels of mindset change and awareness that is catapulting my newest clients to higher levels of success than prior clients. I would encourage every client to frame themselves as a new client and listen to this entire training from beginning to end and treat it as if they were starting afresh. The change in your web business will likely be visible fast!)

Fast Start Coaching Program Launch Course

Coaching Class Teleseminar Selling

Forum Consultant Master Class (how to position as a high-priced consultant on forums (using the Warrior Forum as an example)(this training specifically teaches you
how to create a consulting business on the Warrior Forum. BUT . . . it is
a DEEP training on the psychology and process of starting a
consulting business OR an info business ANYWHERE on the web. So if
can separate out the MEDIUM (the Warrior Forum) and treat it
like a training on building a COMPLETE info business - including some
of the best training I know of on figuring out what your market really NEEDS,
then I highly suggest studying this as an example. Just remember that's why
you chose to listen to it when you get tired of me talking about the Warrior Forum!)

Internet Funnel Videos

Email Campaign Toolbox(this is emails from my email
campaigns and some additional email writing training)

Unlimited Traffic Download Page

Targeted Traffic Training Program