One on One Coach Selling System Download Page

I have designed this program to initially teach you how to sell coaching one on one over the phone, teach you the psychology of one on one coaching sales, and then teach you how to handle objections, closing techniques, etc.

For best results, I advise you to listen to ALL the teachings once before beginning to implement the material, then once you have done a few sales calls, return to the teachings and listen to them again.


Strategy Session Overview


Sample Strategy Session Live Role Play

Solving Objections

Additional Thoughts on Closing and Price Drops

Psychology of Coaching Sales

Consult Call Beginning to End

Additional Insight

Supplemental Trainings:

Inverted Sales Funnel

Additional Thoughts

Coaching Email Campaign

Selling Coaching By Email

Motivation and Dreams

Discussion About Refunds for Coaching

Personal Examples Discussions

Discussion with Leonardo About Coaching

Discussion With Dave About Success and Upsells

Elaine Strategy Success

Success Sale