"Lesson 3 - Create a Coaching Program"

You CAN create a coaching program fast!

These 3 tracks teach you how:

Introduction to a Coaching Business

How to Structure Your Coaching Program

How to Deliver Your Coaching Program

Then start by creating a 1-1 consulting page on your website, as taught here:

Expert Frame and 1-1 Consulting Sales Page Training


Note: when first starting out, you don't need to jump right into a group coaching program, in fact, I find it can be best to start with 1-1 consulting until you have helped at least 10 clients 1-1, then you will have a better idea of what actual people want help with, and you can structure those things into your group coaching.


Step 1: Write an outline of what you will teach in your coaching program

Step 2: Put a page on your site where someone can enroll in 1-1 consulting with you.