46 Additional Coaching Lessons

Additional Coaching Lessons to Bonus, or Extend Length of Coaching Program (Use as you need the topics or encouragement):

Faith to Be Fearless

Your Big Niche Domination Plan for 2018

Remaining Strong in Crisis, Adversity, Heartbreak

Overcoming Fear

Strength to Go On

Hustle for First Clients

Gratefulness Leads to Increase

Passion to Persevere

The Power of Resilience as an Entrepreneur

Fear and Action-Taking

Implementation – the Hidden Secret

Unnamed Training #1

Open Coaching

Coaching Q and A

Unknown Topic

Unnamed Training #2


The High-Level Infobusiness

–> The problem with infobusiness selling the old way (pre-2016)

–> The solution – and the big shift  to take your infoselling 10X

–> The entire deep and high-level infobusiness model I personally use


The Business Model – The Why and the Shift

The Business Model – Implementation

How to Create a Credibility Campaign

Create Training Specifically for Subscriber Needs

Write Copy That Blends into Credibility Campaign

Natural Conclusion Sales Funnel

Big Traffic Training – Traffic Training That Flat-Out WORKS

–> Unlimited Visitors Traffic Model

–> Blogging

–> Relationship Traffic That is Highly Profitable


Traffic Deep Dive – Reality

Intro to Relationship Traffic

Blogging With Donna and David

Unlimited Visitors to Your Site

1000 Subscribers a Month

Viral Traffic

InfoProducts Complete A-Z (Brand New 10 – Part System for Your Infobusiness Profits)

–> There are 10 parts, here are 3 of them:

–> Intensive Sales

–> Psychology of Devotion

–> Easy Way to Write Your Sales Letter

1) Infotraining Lesson 1

2) Infotraining Lesson 2

3) Infotraining Lesson 3

4) Infotraining Lesson 4

5) Psychology of Devotion

6) Write Your Sales Letter

7) Coaching Call

8) Coaching Call

9) Traffic and Sales

10) Sales Intensive

The Big Business Training Program (This was originally a 6 week live class)

–> How to Get Viral Traffic For Your Big Business

–> The plugins you need to run your Big Business

–> How to Get the Big Idea for Your Big Business

Big Business Consolidation Model

Big Business First Class: Intro and Get Started

Big Business 2nd Class: Plugins

Big Business 3rd Class

Big Business 4th Class: Viral Traffic

Big Business 5th Class: Launching Your Membership

Big Business 6th Class: Writing Your Email Campaign