10,679 Visitors in 3 Days

10,679 visitors in 3 days –

I’ll show the sources in a moment.

Before that, I want to say this: this was designed to be a traffic experiment to see how
much traffic I could generate in 48 hours.

But as you probably know in life, not everything goes the way you want it to go.

And it was harder than I thought it would be.

I’ve done big subscriber pushes before where I focused on getting subscribers, and I’ve gotten
500-1000 in a couple of days before.

But with this I wanted to see how much traffic I could get. And I was pushing for a big number, I
find that if you shoot for the stars, sometimes you hit the moon!

Frankly, I’m pleased with 10,679 visitors in 3 days.

Secondly, I know that I know and you know that not all of this traffic is primo, primo.

And if that is what you were looking for, and seeing this experiment so far hasn’t
given you at least a bit of clarity that was worth the price, please just send me
an email, I will refund you promptly.

To everyone else who has enjoyed seeing this experiment, although a flawed one,
keep reading!

I’ll share with you results as best as I can.

I say as best as I can because I didn’t track subscribers. Not unintentionally, but I didn’t think
of it as a priority. I know, I know, I should have. But I didn’t. If you are reading so far, just
forgive me and see if you can get anything out of this to copy!

I’m going to list where each # of visitors came from, then a clickable source if you want to
test the same traffic source (but please track subscribers!)

The first batch will be 3 solo ads. My guess is that most of the new subscribers came
from this group, although I can’t prove that 🙁

I generated about 144 subscribers in total.

The second group are various twitter and facebook postings I bought at fiverr for $5 each (some I paid
a $5 premium to post that day instead of going to the back of the queue)

My guess is most of that traffic was vapor.

And the 3rd category is my list. That is traffic. In fact, it’s the best traffic you can have!

I have a list that can generate, easily, 600 visits a day.

And 453 of these visits came from my list. That generated about 75 “subscribers” I’m not counting them in
the total cause they are on my list anyway. But if YOU were to generate subscribers for something
other than your own offer – you can see that 453 visits ended up to be about 75 subscribers. Again, not relevant for this
experiment, but trying to give as much info as possible, because some folks have told me that seeing this has been helpful.

So let’s get into the solo ads:

Holly Sutton, I paid $100 for 500 clicks here: http://www.hollylorene.com/soloads/  and have received 114 clicks so far from her (I will ask her to mail again, so will get more traffic then)

Matt Ford: I paid him $150 for 1000 clicks – he doesn’t have a site – he sent me 1026 visits

Colm Wynn: $97 for 200 clicks – to reach him: http://www.colmwynne.com/SoloAdSale/  and he sent me 298 visits.

So I paid for 1700 clicks and got 1438 visits and 144 subscribers.

So . . . $347 for solo ads. Assuming all the subs came from these, that is 144 subscribers for $347 – so about $2.50 per subscriber.

I monetize subscribers at around $30 per subscriber, so I consider that a bargain.

Now, I know that some folks will look at this and say, well that was only 10% conversion rate.

Who cares, the only thing that matters is $/subscriber and how much a subscriber makes you.

Conversion rates are guides.


Next is the bulk of the traffic – twitter and facebook posts, etc on fiver (note these are visitors, not unique visitors, most were within 5% – 10% of uniques, no one really cheated me):

Here are the top providers:

from milx1000 I bought: http://fiverr.com/milx1000/send-6k-unique-ip-visitors-to-your-website-blog-or-facebook-fanpage for $5 (all are $5, so won’t keep repeating that) and received 2878 visitors

(by the way, I KNOW this is bulk traffic and likely of little value . . .but for $5 – would it be worth testing to at least see if your site can handlge 2800 visitors in one day 🙂 you might get 5 subscribers for $5

Also: some of the subscribers MAY HAVE come from these fiverr gigs, like I said I didn’t track, so if that’s the case some of these are more profitable, and would have drawn profitability away from the solo ad numbers above)

from eecash I bought: http://fiverr.com/eecash/send-8000-visitors-to-your-website-or-url and received 2878 visitors

from fermina I think I bought this one (she has a bunch that are similar, I don’t remember which): http://fiverr.com/fermina/give-2000-ip-unique-visitors-for-ur-site-share-ur-page-to-over-3-million-people-on-more-fb-groups-send-you-the-proofs-plus-2-big-bonuses and received 2035 visitors

from facebook_fan_de I bought: http://fiverr.com/facebook_fan_de/get-germany-targeted-real-human-to-facebook-fans-page-blog-photo-store-website-with-traffic-statistic-and-report and got 952 visitors

from adnagam I bought: http://fiverr.com/adnagam/tweet-a-link-to-your-site-on-twitter-to-my-30000-followers and received 225 visitors

and there were a few more with declining #s so I’m not listing them –

but 100 here, 100 there

Ok, at this point, for what this was: a traffic experiment where I generated 10,679 visitors in less than 3 days, and added 144 subscribers, and spent less than $500 to do it, I’m satisfied.

I hope that you have received some value in seeing what I’ve done and that this will give you some ideas of ways that you can do some of these things yourself.

Of course you will track subscribers!!!!

By the way, there is a GREAT wso out there right now with 10 of the most highly ranked solo ad providers out there today, if you want the list, you can get it here (he delivers it as an excel file with the 10 providers ranked, how much he paid for each, how many subscribers each, which ads he ran to each, and the conversion rate on the OTO) – very useful if you want to run a few solo ads. Of course, if you don’t it’s not useful at all! here it is if you are interested: Inner Circle Solo Ads

Please send me an email and let me know if this has been helpful to you –

— Sean Mize

P.S. Once again, please forgive me for only driving 10,679 visitors and for not tracking subscribers per source!!!

Have a good day!

P.P.S. for folks who want to see the raw stats:

(the numbers on the left are visits, right is uniques, also these are the top providers, I left the small ones out for clarity):

And for those who want to see how many total subscribers I’ve generated this week, here is a screen shot (this includes the 144 from this, the other 400 or so are WSO buyers):

That’s all, folks!!