Challenge is Started!!!

Okay, the challenge is started:

Here is the link where I will be sending traffic:

50,000 Visitors Link

Every few hours you will receive an update showing the
page where I will be driving traffic, and as traffic begins to come in, I’ll show
you where that traffic is coming from.

Also, I’ll send you updates on how I am driving the traffic, including the emails I will send to my
list to ask them to help drive traffic – and you’ll their actual results as well.

And when the 48 hours is finished, I’ll send you a final report showing the # of
subscribers generated from this challenge, plus the sales generated as well –

That’s all for now,

Sean Mize

P.S. If perhaps you want to learn how to write a sales letter like the one
I did for this, and do it in less than 2 hours, check out another WSO
I’ve released recently:

How to Write a WSO Sales Letter in 2 Hours or Less