Traffic Update Jan 16 9:30 AM ET (Second Day)

Ok, I wanted to get you results as early as possible this morning, and I’ve just been online a few minutes.

I’ll show you some screen shots first, then I’ll explain about where I’m getting the traffic.

Hopefully you are gaining some value from this.

If you are, please send me an email telling me, thanks!

Screenshots for today:

New Subscribers (subs) as of about 8 PM last night:

New subs added as of about 11 PM last night:

New subs this morning:


Now, I’m not tracking subs by traffic source for this experiment. This was more about driving massive traffic than testing conversion rates. In retrospect, I should have taken the time to do it. But I didn’t have subscribers on my mind when I set this up. I was primarily interested in driving traffic simply to show that traffic can happen pretty much on demand. But now that there is an opt in form and subs are coming in . . . it would have been nice to know which lead source they are coming from (lesson for future!)

Here is a view of the traffic tracking I put into place (very simple wordpress plugin called Pretty Link) so far:


Here is how to read that: the source is on the right, and the code works like this:

for example:

That means it is a solo ad and the mailer was Matt Ford

And the column on the left shows how many subscribers he sent me.

For the fiverr ones, you can see (on the last one): /fiverradnagam – that means a fiverr ad by handle adnagam

/clientsspeciallink was an email I sent to my list

/wfbuyers are you

/warriorwso was this: wso I ran

Anyhow, you don’t really need to try to “read it”; I’ll explain each source and results below and in the next day’s post.

Here is a preview, then in tomorrow’s post I’ll dig into more detail, along with results.

The fiverrs were all ads for “twitter traffic” or “facebook traffic”, that kind of thing.  They were all $5 ads, but some I paid $5 more to get it done yesterday instead of going into queue (because I wanted to get the traffic fast) (I’ll show you the actual ads tomorrow)

And I also bought solo ads so you could see that happening in real time as well.

I bought 500 clicks from Holly Sutton for $100 here:

I paid Matt Ford $150 for 1000 clicks – I’ll add his contact info when I get it

I paid Colm Wynn $97 for 200 clicks – to reach him:

And of course you can see in the graphic above, the results from them for clicks, and you can see the total subscribers in the other screens (again, I didn’t do separate tracking for this experiment, so I don’t have subs/source)

Ok, I think that’s all for now.

I hope that this has been helpful to you so far.

And of course I am going to be adding more results as they come in.

But it’s obvious that it’s not going to be 50,000 visits.


— Sean Mize

P.S. If you want to learn how to do solo ads where I learned, Marlon’s training is great (and yes, I will get paid a commission if you decide to buy it):

Marlon’s Traffic Training


Or if you want learn how I use WSO’s to build my own list:

How I Use WSOs to Build My Own List


— Sean