Traffic Experiment Begins

I started the traffic challenge on January 15th –

The idea initially was to just drive a crazy amount of traffic over the course of 2 days –

But as you know, I ended up driving 10,679 visitors in 3 days –

And these posts will show you how I did it, and comment on the methods and results.

Thought I’d give you a pic of Alexa for January 12 (pre-challenge) then once Alexa updates for Jan 15-16, you can see the increase there (and yeah, yeah, I know that Alexa is not exactly accurate, especially for an im crowd, but at least you will be able to see the change):

12 noon January 15th

I bought about 10 fiverr gigs, and 3 solo ads

I’ve also sent an email to my list and a link on the Warrior Forum

2 PM:

The page I drove the traffic to is this (this was originally designed to set up a pre-launch
for a WSO launch, but ended up not directly using it for that; hence the page
isn’t well – optimized – but the real key is showing that 10k visits CAN occur in a short
period of time basically from scratch (except for my list traffic):

traffic link


The free WSO I posted was originally here, but since it is a live WSO post, you may be seeing a different version here; the original one directed someone to the “traffic link” page above.

free wso



Here is a screen shot of my new subscribers today:

(that’s from my infusionsoft control panel)

Also gotten about 350 visits from my list:


I’ll add the fiverr accounts and payment amounts, and solo details in a future post.

And you’ll see the continuing new subscriber levels as well (which is more important than visits)