The problem with traffic generation online – what really works

There is a real problem with traffic generation online. It’s considered a big part of your online business. And it is. But there is an undue emphasis on it when people are starting out their business.

The thing is, driving traffic is the fuel that drives your business.

But it’s not the foundation of your business.

It’s not your business model.

And there are so many folks out there that are over-emphasizing the value of traffic when you don’t even have a business.

Hey, don’t get me wrong – you have to have traffic – targeted, real traffic – to succeed online.

But you must have a business foundation before driving traffic is going to make you money.

You see, I know what I did to build this business. The steps, the hard work. And I can put those steps into a list and call them a system. And lots of others have done the same thing – similar steps.

But the successful ones have rarely followed the formula: traffic, subscribers, sales and that is that.

Sure, those are the component parts. The evident parts. And they all have to be there. But those things aren’t the driving things.

And I think that’s why so many folks are struggling with getting their business off the ground in the first place.

You see, once someone starts making some sales, they can quickly grow –

But making the first sales happen is very difficult.

Why is that?

I think it’s because of this major focus on traffic and subscribers and products.

But instead, the focus should be on what you can deliver to the marketplace.

Meaning – what VALUE can you add to your niche?

You see, if you can’t add value – then why should someone buy from you?

Now, I believe that when people read that last line, they get offended.

Mad that I would say that.

They might think I am wrong.

But I don’t think so.

Think about you.

Who do you buy from?

Do you buy from the cheapest person around (and if you do, you probably aren’t getting top-notch training, and that could be the other reason you are struggling)

But I’m talking about when you really want to learn something – you go to the expert in that subject, right?

Well, if going to an expert is good for you – then why isn’t it good for your prospects?

I know, I know, you might be thinking right now, “but I just want to re-teach what someone else is teaching, but I’ll just charge less or do a better job marketing” or whatever.

That’s cool . . . it MIGHT work for you.

But it usually doesn’t.

Kind of like buying a lottery ticket.

It’s an easy way to get rich for a year or two.

If you are one in 100 million.

But buying a lottery ticket isn’t a proven financial strategy for building wealth.

Here’s the thing: if you REALLY want to make it big in internet marketing, find something that is under-taught. Find something that others are NOT teaching good enough, or enough of, or the teachers are just clueless about marketing and no one knows about them.

Find a need in the marketplace.

Find an un-met (or relatively un-met) need in the marketplace.

Notice I said “need.”

Not “something YOU think people might want or think is cool.”

No matter how cool YOU think your idea is  – if people don’t need and want it – they won’t buy it.

So dig into your niche.

What problems can you solve?

Become an expert at solving one problem.

Let everyone in the world that has THAT problem come to you.

Do you see how doing it this way changes things?

Because when you start with a real need instead of starting with traffic, then everything else falls into place.

Cause when you are just trying to “make money” you go try to find generic niche traffic.

But that generic niche traffic is the SAME traffic 50 million or so other people just like you, who aren’t specialized in anything, are trying to get to. So there is an incredible demand for traffic that is really generic traffic.

But if you START with a real need, and target only those people who are already LOOKING for your solution – then hardly anyone is trying to get that traffic.

So that traffic is easy to generate (you just have to find out where people are searching for a solution to their problem).

That’s it.

Once you know that, it’s all easy. Just get your traffic from whereever people are ALREADY searching for the solution you offer.

And if no one is searching for the solution you offer, then you probably don’t have a solution that will successfully sell.

And if you don’t have a solution that will successfully sell, then no matter how much generic traffic you drive to your solution, well, very few people are going to buy.

I mean, really, think about this: if people who are in your niche don’t want your solution, how are you going to get general traffic to buy it???

Answer: you aren’t.

That might be why you aren’t driving enough traffic.

Because you don’t have a solid premise under which to operate.

Start with the need in the marketplace, fully understand your market, your prospects, their needs, THEN figure out where they are going to find solutions.

Are they:

reading articles online?

searching google online?

reading yahoo answers?

hanging out in a forum online?

watching youtube videos?

reading blog posts like this?


1) Start with the need in your niche

2) Fully flesh it out, exactly who is looking for what

3) Figure out where they are looking for your solution online. That is where you should get your traffic. And not just any traffic. ONLY traffic from people who are uniquely interested in the exact solution you offer.

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– I hope this has been helpful, and I hope that it helps you “get” part of the traffic conundrum. Start with your niche problem, identify the solution you will provide, then look for traffic ONLY where your prospects are actively looking for a solution.