Easy Way to Create a Coaching Program by Recording One Client

I believe that anyone can create a coaching

In fact, I think it’s easier than creating a

I mean, with a product, you have to sit
down and create it, with no audience.

It’s not easy to stay motivated to do that.

But…if you have just one client that
needs your help – call it coaching – or
your help over the telephone – or whatever –

if you have just one client that needs
your help and they agree to pay you…
whatever, $100, $500, $1000, whatever,
to help them, then you just get on
the phone with them and….help them.

Answer their questions.

Give them advice.

Give them a plan.

Teach them to do what you already know.

That is one on one coaching.

It’s that easy.

And here’s how to juice it up:

Give them a discount for letting you record
helping them.

Sell the recordings as a home study course.

Now you have your first product.

Use the recordings as the core trainings of your coaching program.

You now have a coaching program – and your first client paid you to create it!

Hope this is useful to you!