Core Information Marketing Profit Model

Here’s the steps, in concise, outline form:

1)  choose a profitable niche (I’ve already taught you how to do that

2)  create a squeeze page so you can get
visitors to become subscribers so you can
communicate with them like I am you right now.

3)   Drive traffic to the squeeze page (I
taught you the basics of how to do that
about 2 weeks ago – I also have an
advanced article marketing course, and
an advanced google rankings course that
uses highly advanced article marketing and
linking strategies, if you are interested…)

3b)  You can use other methods of driving
traffic, you don’t HAVE to use article marketing.

Of course, I use article marketing because
it’s my personal favorite kind of traffic.

I’ll tell you more about that another day.

4)  Write a series of emails that really connects
with your subscribers the way these emails I
write to you are drawing you in (you wouldn’t
be reading them if they weren’t drawing you in,
would you?)  (By the way, I also have an advanced course on writing emails
for your autoresponder campaign…more
about that another day)

5)   Find out what your subscribers NEED.  Do
NOT try to sell something to your subscribers
just because YOU think they need it.  Find out
what THEY need.  Then create it, buy it, find it,

6)  Then sell them what they need.

6b)  When you are first starting out, you can use
affiliate products because you don’t have any
of your own. But you need to create your own
products as fast as possible.  Here’s why:

your products will convert to your list better
than affiliate products

because your subscribers are on YOUR list
because they want to learn more from YOU –
not from someone you are selling for

because if you have your own products, you
can have you own affiliates selling your
products. You see, the money in affiliate
products in owning them, and having

note:  once you have your own products,
if there are a couple of other people’s
products you really like and can really
help your clients…then by all means sell them.

But the point of all this is…don’t build
your business just on affiliate products.

Create your own products (I can also teach
you how to do that, more on that later)

That is your model for information marketing

Read it again.

That is the model.   Anything you do that doesn’t
fall into that model…is probably a waste of time.

here’s a summary:

squeeze page (to get subscribers)
traffic (to get people to squeeze page to
become subscribers)
emails (relationship with subscribers)
communication (find out what they need)
sell them what they need

THAT is how you make money in information

Now, there are variables:

you can use different kinds of traffic
you can sell different kinds of products

But that’s it.

Any more deviation from the model…and your
profit goes down.