Why Aren’t Your Subscribers Buying From You?

Why aren’t your subscribers buying from you?


Is it because you are not an expert, you are just

pretending to be one for your subscribers?


Whoa! You say…but I see plenty of people out

there making money who aren’t experts.


Hmmm…is that really true?


Ayn Rand would say “check your premise”


And I do too.



Let me ask you this.


When you want to learn more about something, lets

say article marketing, do you think, I want to go

find someone online who knows a little bit

about article marketing, or do you say “I want

to find the expert on article marketing to learn



How about another topic?


Do you want to learn more about list building?


If you do…do you want to learn from someone who

is just regurgitating information online, or do you

want to learn from someone who has built a

huge list?


Ok, what about product creation?


Do you want to learn from someone who has never

created any products, or has perhaps written one book…

or do you want to learn from someone who has created

dozens of products?


Hmmm…my guess is that for each question, your choice

would have been that you wanted to learn from…

the expert.


So why do you think your subscribers want anything



Do you think YOUR subscribers want to buy

your regurgitated niche information that you

learned for free online, or you stole by

reading someone else’s product in your niche?


Or do YOUR subscribers want to learn from someone

who is an EXPERT?


Methinks they want to learn from someone who is an



So what should all this tell you?


Could it mean that the reason you aren’t successful

is because you don’t really KNOW deep inside your

niche material. You are just PRETENDING to know

it so you can sell stuff to your subscribers.


Do you want to get rich online?


Stop trying to cheat your way there, regurgitating other

people’s information and start teaching YOUR information.


Oh! You aren’t an expert?


Then BECOME one.


What do you think would be a better use of your time

this month online?


To spend the next month, 3-4 hours per day,

trying to sell stuff to your subscribers, to people who

KNOW you don’t know your stuff.


Or to buy 30 books on your topic, read them all,

become more knowledgeable in your niche than

anyone else who’s list someone is on….


And then NEXT month create a truly original product

from your newfound wealth of EXPERTNESS?


Look, I know you want to make money NOW…but

the way you’ve been trying to make it isn’t

working for you, is it?


You’ve been trying to PRETEND you are an

expert for TOO LONG…and your subscribers

see right through you.


So they DON’T BUY from you.


Instead, they buy from an EXPERT.


And when you become an expert, who do you think

your subscribers will BUY FROM?


You – because YOU are now the expert they trust.


So what are you going to do this next month?


Waste another month pretending?


Or invest a month learning everything you can about

your niche?


Your choice.



Note: that was originally published as an email, the next day I wrote this email:


Ok, I wanted to write because I got some flack yesterday

after I sent out the email where I talked about how you really should

be an expert if you think people are going to buy from you.


You know, people thinking I was being too harsh on them.


But think about this…why should anyone buy from you if you

don’t offer anything unique to them?


Why should someone buy from you instead of from someone else?


I mean, do some people think it is their *right* that people should

buy from them?


Or do you earn that right?


Think about this…who do you buy from?


Do you try to find some unexperienced person with the lowest price

to buy from?


Or do you look for the most experienced expert you can find, and hope

you can afford them?


Look, if you are an expert, please know I’m not writing this to you.


Just delete this email (or have a good laugh 🙂  ))


But if you are trying to sell something online, and you are really

frustrated because nobody is buying from you…ask yourself this…


“would YOU buy from you?”


I know that sounds crazy, but I really want you to understand the point I am

making here.


This isn’t about telling you that you don’t offer value.


But this IS about telling you that if you DON’T offer value…why

SHOULD anyone buy from you?


Get it?