5k a Month Model

I am going to give you a sample
of what the product and price distribution
would be.  Obviously you can change
that distribution, as long as the numbers
add up (and the price and product progression
makes sense)

So here’s a typical $5k per month business:

30 sales @  $100  = $3000

10 sales at $200    = $2000

Generally, if you have a decent product, a decent
sales page, and a decent email campaign, you can
do those 30 sales at $100 on about 300 subscribers
per month.

It takes about 100 well written, optimized,
well-linked articles per month to get 300 subscribers.

That means 5 articles a day – less than 2 hours
per day on writing articles.

And you only need one product at $97 to do that.

If you follow my product creation guidelines, you
can create a $97 product in about 20 hours.

So 20 days = 1 product.

And your second product – $197 (which about
1/3 of your first level buyers should buy if it is a
decent product, they need it – and your first
product was good [if they didn’t like product
1, they won’t buy your second 🙂  ]) – that will take about 40 hours to create.

That is 2 hours per day for 20 days.

Add it up – 2 hours for article writing
2 hours for product 2
2 hours for product 1

In one month – 5 hours a day, 5 days a week – 25 hours

per week.

$5k per month.

Would it be ok with you to earn $5k per month in 25 hours a week, to start?

If so…do what I gave you in this email.