What is your core idea and concept?

What is your core idea and concept?

You see, if you don’t have a core idea and concept, why should anyone buy from you?

So many folks are focusing on making money, on what do I SELL to make money.

But let me ask you this – do YOU buy from people who are SELLING just to make money?

Or do YOU buy from people who offer genuine value?

People who love what they do and teach, people who deliver GREAT value in EVERY product, in every article, in every blog post?

Your subscribers are just like you.

You need to fall in love with helping people in your niche.

You need to  be an expert in your niche.

If you are not an expert, become one.

Who wants to buy from a beginner?

If you are a beginner, get the training you need to be an expert. Buy 10 of your competitors’ products to learn what they know.  Buy 10 books on Amazon and read them from cover to cover. Better yet, go to Barnes and Nobles TODAY and buy them there so you can start TONIGHT. Because by the time the books come from Amazon you might be onto . . . dare I say this? . . . another shiny object?

Focus, focus, focus.

Be the best.

People look to me and ask me, how do you make so much money with this business?

How do you get your leads?

How do you drive traffic?

How do you structure your coaching program.

And I tell them.

But if they construct all those things on a worthless foundation – meaning you are a cloud without water, you have NOTHING of value to teach others, then traffic, leads, subscribers, emails, products – it’s all worthless.

Focus on being the BEST you can be, and then people will buy from you.

Be the best.


Dominate your niche.

You can.

You have to pay the price for success.

You can’t just hope and pray someone will buy something from you when they can get something better from someone else.

Be the best.

Teach the best.

Sell the best.

Otherwise you are just wasting your time online.

Repeat: focus, be the best, teach the best.

Nothing but the best.

Are you the best?

If not, what can you do to BECOME the best?