Discover the Secret to A High Performance, High Converting Email Campaign on Autopilot

Dear Friend,

Are you frustrated because you want to build a long term business, but you keep getting stuck in the “email campaign” component?

Are you trying to build a solid business, maybe you are driving quality traffic, you have some high-converting sales pages, but you can’t consistently get the right prospects to the right offer at the right time?

Do you want to build a solid, automated business that has at its core a strong email campaign that converts prospects on autopilot?

If so, I understand.

When I first got started online, I was creating a new product each month, writing a daily email each day, and scrambling to find a way to get 1000 visitors a month to my website so that they would join my list, read my emails, and buy my products.

Perhaps you’ve been there before, maybe that’s where you are right now.

If so, you understand!

It wasn’t easy.

N0w, don’t get me wrong, I was making money.

But I was scrambling every day to come up with that day’s money- maker.

But I knew that there was a better way.

So I set out on a journey to figure it out.

I would pre-write email campaigns.

I would try them out.

They would fail.

Rinse and repeat.

Again and again.





Maybe that’s where you are.

If so, you know it’s not a good feeling.

Horrible, in fact.

You see other people doing it.

But you just can’t do it yourself.

Back to me.

I was struggling.

Then, by chance, I wrote an email campaign, day by day, just doing my normal thing, each day writing a new email based on taking the “pulse” of my subscribers, just mailing what they wanted/needed.

What I felt in my gut would convert.

And I did that for about 10 days, and made a bunch of sales.

Some time later, I was thinking, I wonder if I were to just re-run those SAME emails in the same order, no changes, over a 10 day period, could I get the same results through automating the same emails?

So I ran them.

And kept track of my results.

And . . . .

drumroll . . .





About 1/2 the sales of the last time.

Failure, right?

It would be easy to think that.

It would be easy to come to that conclusion.

It would be easy to come to the conclusion that the only way to do this business is to write a fresh email every day, because that is how you double profits.

But the problem is, I knew I was getting burnt out having to write a daily email, day in, day out, in order to make money.

So then I began to think, well what if I stopped worrying about having to get the very highest conversion rates with a live campaign, but accept 1/2 the sales (50%) and have it on autopilot, but just get 2x as much subscribers each month, then I would have the same revenue?

And once I went down the path in my mind, I thought, ok, well what if I were to just have a 50% performing campaign, and I don’t have to write a daily email, and instead I can just focus my time on subscriber generation?

Instead of 2x as many subscribers, let’s do 4x as many subscribers?

Or 8x as many subscribers?

And with that increased revenue coming in, I could stop getting all my subscribers from free methods like writing articles and creating content myself, but I could take the increased profits and pay for traffic. Google adwords. Google youtube. Solo ads. Private list mailings. Have others write articles and post content.

And because I have leveraged it all with 8x the traffic, I can afford to invest in traffic.

Not having to invest a penny of my own money, but instead just investing a % of my revenue as it comes in.

By the way, that’s a powerful strategy in itself.

Many times folks ask me, where should I buy traffic when I am just starting out?

And I tell them, don’t.

Start by doing the free stuff: articles, youtube, infographics, pinterest, and so on until you have money coming in.

And then with your 1st $100, take 10% and put it into paying for what you are already doing.

Like pay someone to write an article.

Next month you do $150.

Invest $15 in traffic.

And snowball it.

But back to my story, and the email campaigns.

So that’s what I did.

I took that campaign and ran it just like it was, accepting a lower rate of buyers.

But then my analytical mind starting working, and I thought, ok, well if that campaign will do 1/2 the sales just like it is, what if I were to do some 80/20 work on the campaign.

The thing is, with a 21 day email campaign, probably 80% of the sales are coming from 20% of the emails – so about 4 emails were likely driving the bulk of the sales.

And what if I were to take the sales page that is already getting consistent traffic, and start testing conversion on it, and making improvements?

And to make a long story short, I basically devised an entire tweaking, testing, and maximizing protocol that I have used for years now, I have shared it with clients, and it gets amazing results.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: You write an email campaign, let’s say, 10 emails long.

Step 2: You run a subscriber-getting campaign and funnel, let’s say, 1000 subscribers through that campaign.

Step 3: You get maybe 50 sales.

Step 4: You document which emails led to the most sales:

For example:

Email 1: 2 sales

Email 2: 9 sales

Email 3: 15 sales

Email 4: 1 sale

Email 5: 8 sales

Email 6: 4 sales

Email 7: 2 sales

Email 8: 1 sales

Email 9: 1 sales

Email 10: 7 sales

Do you see a pattern here?

Emails 2, 3, 5, and 10 accounted for 39 of the 50 sales.

So what would happen if we simply deleted the other 6 emails and rewrote new emails that look and feel similar to the 4 that were most productive?

And we re-ran the campaign, what would happen?

The 4 emails would probably get 39 sales again.

But the new 6 emails might get another 30-40 sales.

So now you are at 69-79 sales from the same campaign.

You do it for one more iteration, you have 100 sales from the campaign.

Notice, you haven’t done anything with the sales letter.

A little conversion testing on the sales letter, and you double conversion there, and now you are getting 200 sales with 1000 subscribers.

And with sales like that, you could easily pay for more and more traffic, right?

And we haven’t even talked about an upsell – you could double revenue with an upsell.

And we haven’t talked about a coaching program on the backend, more revenue there (and that can be sold using an automated campaign just like this)

Here’s the thing, you can do this, and in fact, if you’ve been taking good notes, you could probably get off this teleseminar right now and you are good to go.


When preparing this presentation today I had two option. Option one is I could show you some cool stuff for about an hour, and then we can part ways. Option two is I can extend a special offer to those of you who are interested in putting into action today what I showed you in the easiest… most effective… simplest ways. I choose option two, and when you see what it is, I think you’ll be glad I put this together for you…”

Now, the truth of the matter is this, you’ve taken good notes.

You probably feel pretty good, and you are really excited right now.

But let me ask you this, how you would like to have 10 times the detail, step by step, every email to write, every step of the way?


If so, I have created a powerful training program that will do just that –






Now, at this point, is this exciting or not?

If not, re-read the last half of this letter.

If you still aren’t excited, maybe this isn’t for you.

And that’s okay.

This isn’t for everyone.

But if you want to be able to write some email campaigns that steadily increase in conversion over time, you might be interested in doing this.

And by the way, if you are an analytical person, if you’ve had some real experience making lots of sales online, and maybe you have a statistics or a mathematical background, you can probably figure it all out on your own.

I didn’t, I learned from so many people, bits and pieces here and there, and I drew on my real-world selling and conversion experience, and my statistics background, and tested and tweaked until I had figured it out.

And I’m still making improvements!

But if you are thinking, can you just show me the details, what kind of an email campaign do I write to start?

What kind of emails do I put in the campaign?

How do I test each email?

How do I improve the campaign?

What software do I use?

In short, if you want the details, the step by step details that are just too much for one letter – you might like this.

I have created a powerful training program that teaches you:



It’s over 10 hours of intense audio training.

There are no transcripts.

By design.

I simply find that with information this deep, you’ll get so much more out of it by listening for an hour a day, taking intense notes, studying those notes later during the day, and really having it soak in.

Study hard for 10 days, and then jump in.

Do it.

And by the way, it’s not easy.

This isn’t some cookie cutter, I tell you the silver bullet words that work everytime (there are none), copy and paste and let it go.

No, you gotta write 10 emails.

You gotta send subscribers through the campaign.

Oh! and you have to have something to sell.

Note: if you do NOT have a product to sell, please DO NOT buy this training. You aren’t ready for it.

You gotta evaluate which emails worked and which didn’t.

And you have to rewrite the ones that didn’t.

And yes, if your favorite email was the worst performing, you have to get rid of it.

Cut it out.

Write a better one.

Then you have to test the next iteration of the campaign.

Then you have to do testing on the sales letter.

And so on.

And of course, once it’s successful, you’ll want to create another campaign and another campaign and another campaign because once someone buys, if you send them through another conversion campaign, you’ll make more sales of another one of your products.

This isn’t easy.

But if you are willing to do the hard work of studying

The hard work of setting it up

The hard work of testing, improving, testing, improving, testing, improving again and again.

The rewards are amazing.

And this isn’t some typical “sales letter” that’s gonna tell you what the rewards are.

To find out, read one of the empty promises letters about vacations and new cars and worthless wealth and accumulation.

or dig deep into yourself and ask yourself, how would my life be different if I had a 100% automated email campaign that converts like crazy?

What would happen in your life?

Now, if I haven’t talked you out of it by talking about all the hard work.

If you have your own goals instead of some fake beach and fast cars dream that has been implanted with some pretty pictures on the webpage.

And if you are ready to do the work to build the business of your dreams, let’s get you started.

I’m not going to do some long-winded pitch about how this is worth $10,000 but since you are the 37th person to buy today, you get the very special price of just $497.

I don’t know what this is worth to you.

If you are generating $20,000 a month right now writing a daily email, and you want to automate it and get to $40,000 per month, maybe this is worth a $5,000 investment.

If you are just getting started and don’t have anything to sell, this is worth nothing, don’t buy it.

If you have a product to sell and you are getting real, targeted traffic who has needs that you solve, and you can use this to make a $5,000 or $10,000 income or more, then maybe this is worth $1000.

But I’m not going to do stair-stepped pricing.

Nor am I going to tell you that you are going to make a million dollars doing this.

This won’t make you any money on it’s own.

You’ve got to drive the traffic,

Write the emails.

Tweak the system.

And you’ll make money in proportion to this formula: quality of traffic X quantity of traffic X desire for your product X the quality of your email campaign and sales letter

So I don’t know what this is worth to you.

I do know this.

This training is powerful.

If you use it, it will change your thinking.

I personally believe it’s worth well over $1000.

But I want this to be a no-brainer solution for you.

So for this initial launch, I am releasing it at $297 $97