100k a Month Model

today I though I would share with you my $100k per month business model. Would you like that? Ok, then let’s do it. Now, before I do…remember you could always just straight scale from the $20k model with more traffic or more niches, products, etc. But I like to do things efficiently, as you know,…

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20k a Month Model

here’s the model for the economics of a $20k per month business: (First, let me say this…there are 2 other models for this that I will share first, I don’t really teach these….but you can do them, and they work, although not as efficiently as my model, so I want you to at least know…

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5k a Month Model

I am going to give you a sample of what the product and price distribution would be.  Obviously you can change that distribution, as long as the numbers add up (and the price and product progression makes sense) So here’s a typical $5k per month business: 30 sales @  $100  = $3000 10 sales at…

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