How to Get a Big Goal Achieved in 10 Days or Less Solo

Are you trying to achieve something big in your life – a big goal, or a big dream, but you are struggling to accomplish it? Here’s the thing, it doesn’t have to be so hard, and I’ve recorded a powerful spiritual-based training that give you amazing results when you implement it! Here’s what you’ll discover:…

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How to Make Good Decisions

Are you faced with a big decision? Or do you want to simply learn to make better decisions, day in, day out, day after day? If so, listen to my brand new training, How to Make Good Decisions and discover:   What has to happen BEFORE good decisions can be made Where does the wisdom…

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How to Find and Achieve Your Purpose

Are you struggling with a lack of purpose? Do you know deep down inside that there is something special – and big – that God has called you to do, but you can’t quite get to it? If so, I’ll believe you’ll love this 2 – part training: How to Find Your Purpose: Deep, Insightful…

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