Hi, Sean Mize here –

From time to time I get requests to work with someone personally to grow their business.

Since my business has grown, I’m not as available for coaching as I used to be!

But I still will usually make time for 1-2 private consults as necessary – those are priced at $1000
per hour.

However, the most popular way clients work with me is in a small group mastermind coaching program
where I hold a live small group coaching call each week and answer any of your questions on that call (it
is a small group environment, so as long as you show up for the call each week, you get to talk with me personally
each week, and I can help you personally).

Before you sign up, please read this: Sometimes people ask me, well it sounds like the “lessons” aren’t EXACTLY
what I need? Here’s the thing, the lessons are there so that if you want to listen to me a few hours a week outside the
weekly coaching call, learn new things, and really get a deep understanding of what I teach, you can. But where I work with you personally is on the live call – so what you are really getting when you sign up for coaching is access to me weekly where I can work with you personally.

Here is the link to sign up:



To your success,

Sean Mize