Sean Mize says:

"I'll Take You By The Hand and Show You How To Build a Coaching Business Fast" Starter Version

Follow my directions and you will have monthly coaching clients fast and adding new clients each month like clockwork, I promise


From: Sean Mize

Dear Aspiring Coach,

You want a coaching business.

In fact you know you could help people.

In fact, perhaps you even have an offline coaching business, but you just haven't been able to find clients online...even though you have tried.

The fact is, generating clients online is a little different than generating them offline.

There is a very specific process that has to happen to take someone from a visitor to a paying client.

And if you get it wrong...nobody signs up for coaching and all your time and money is wasting building a website and driving traffic.

Perhaps you have been doing it wrong???

The good new is..if you do it right...then it is very easy to predict exactly how many coaching clients you will get each month if you simply put a certain number of people into your system.

You see, it's all about building a credible relationship, then offering your coaching in such a way that they really would be foolish to turn it down. So they sign up to work with you, paying you a monthly fee for each month they stay with you.



Or perhaps you are frustrated because you have been trying to start a coaching program for 3 months, 6 months, perhaps even 2 years or more, and still don't have one up and running?

Do you continue running into road blocks - for example, you don't know what to charge, or you get that figured out, then you don't know what you would teach.

Or maybe you have both of those things figured out - but you don't know how to deliver your coaching program.

Or perhaps you have everything created - but you can't get anyone to enroll in your coaching program.

I understand how you feel, because when I first started coaching, I didn't have all the answers either!

I have invested over $40k personally

In fact, I have personally invested around $40k for intense mentoring with 2 different coaches (hiring each coach to specifically teach me a skill I didn't know, and invested 2 years of trial and error and now I have a well-oiled machine, one that brings in consistent coaching revenue and new clients month after month).

And I have been teaching some of my highest level clients my methods, and have seen great results in my clients - but until now, I have kept many of my top level techniques a literal secret, only available to those who enroll in my high level classes priced at $10k, $25k, and a few private $4k per month clients (that's $48k per year). Anyhow I don't say this to brag - simply to show you that I know what I am doing, I've been perfecting these techniques for several years, and I have finally decided to reveal them to you in an incredible - limited release program that contains hours and hours of deep information, exactly what you need to know to build your own coaching business just like mine, and built it fast - including exactly how to structure your coaching so you work the least amount of hours and so that you can enroll the highest number of clients.

Here's what you will learn in my brand new launch mastery program:

In my brand new program I will take you through a series of exercises to find the perfect price for your coaching program, I will show you exactly what to include in your coaching program, including help you determine exactly what to teach in each lesson, and exactly what bonuses or other deliverables to include.

Then I will teach you the best way to deliver your coaching - telephone, webinar, email, or a combination of all 3.

Then comes the really good material - and this is where I share with you my proprietary process of finding highly qualified coaching clients right on your email list, and getting them to surface, tell you what their needs are, and let you tell them about your coaching right in email or on the phone. Then I share with you my own secrets for helping someone decide to hire you as their coach.

You will have a complete coaching business, ready to sell online, when you complete all 3 components of my new program.

That will include exact pricing for your niche, it will include an exact outline of what you are going to teach in your course, how you are going to deliver it, exactly what additional deliverables you are going to provide in your coaching, exactly how to find prospects and turn them into coaching clients from your email list, and how to enroll them in your program.

This is what you are going to learn in my new program:

1) Determine the exact price and pricing structure for your high ticket coaching program

2) Design your entire coaching program - including deliverables, coaching time and access, and curriculum

3) Create an information page and payment page for your coaching program

4) Give you an exact method for converting subscribers into coaching clients WITHOUT
a sales letter

5) Show you EXACTLY how (word for word) to enroll at least 5 clients into your new
coaching program in the next 30 days. (I had one client do this last month, and he has already signed up about 13 clients and counting, another client made her first $7000
sale this last week, and another client made his first $497 coaching sale yesterday.)

6) I'm also going to teach you my personal method of enrolling clients into monthly coaching using a really simply template that works like crazy for enrolling clients.

Note: this will be INTENSE, your brain will be fried when you are finished, but you will
have a complete coaching program created, ready to begin selling, as soon as you have gone through my incredible new program and completed all of the exercises.

Note: This is NOT for everyone. If you are not serious about selling coaching within the next 30 days, you do NOT need this program. You don't need a high level coaching program
like I will be teaching .

But if you DO want to sell coaching online, and you are willing to structure your programs the way I do, and you are willing to deliver your coaching either online or over the phone, this is for you. If not - it is not for you


Imagine how your life would be different if you had 10, 20, 30 monthly coaching clients paying you your monthly fee like clockwork?

In fact, you can even set their payments so they all occur on the same day...for example the first of the month you can collect all your clients' payments and have a big payday once per month.

How would that feel, to have 10, 20, 30 payments of $200 - $1000 each coming in on the first of each month? can stagger their payments, so you are receiving a payment every day or two or three...which will mean that you have consistent income all month long.

Would you prefer that? Getting payments of $200 - $1000 every day or so all the way through the month?

How would that change your life?

How would your life change if you had an extra $5k, $10k, or even $20,000 coming in each month from your coaching business?

Look, I know it's possible because not only have I done it personally...but my clients have done it as well!

And of course I know that not everyone is going to have the exact same level of success...I mean, if you work harder than my best've got a chance to do better than them...of course, if you are a personally lazy person, then you are sure to do worse than them.

So the question really you want it? Do you want a full time income from a home based coaching business?

Because if you do...I can show you the ropes, show you how I do it...and give you all the tools to do it!

Note: This is a massive training, over 17 hours of coaching - specific training to teach you EXACTLY not only how to create your coaching program fast, but how to make it maximally effective and profitable long term.

You are also going to get access to an additional 8 hours of trainings where I teach you my own personal secrets of getting qualified prospects to your website fast...and getting them into your email campaign so you get them into your coaching program fast!

I know that sounds like alot of access...and it is!

The bottom line is, I want you to succeed, and I want you to send me a testimonial in 30 days telling me you have enrolled your first few clients.

How will that feel, by the way, when you sign up your first client, then your second...then your fifth or even your 10th client in your first 30 days?

Will that feel really good, like, wow! this is so easy, I want to sign up even more clients next month...and knowing that you can do it!!!!


So let's talk about the price -

Here's the thing - you know I charge $1000 per hour for one on one consulting. This program, right now, contains about 17 hours of fresh, new content, and I am adding more each month. If I taught you all of this one on one, it would take about 17 hours, plus more for the additional new material I will be adding over the next few months. So you would be looking at $17,000 to learn this from me one on one.

But because I am not teaching this one on one, but instead am teaching this one-to-many - just as I am going to teach you to do in your own coaching programs (I teach you how to do this in the progam), I can reduce the price significantly from $17,000.

Now, of course, another way to look at this is the revenue you might be able to gain by creating a coaching program like mine, and enrolling clients like mine. You see, last year, I generated about $216,000 just from my coaching. Using the exact techniques I teach you here. If you only generated 1/2 of what I did, that would be $108,000. That's alot of revenue - just by learning exactly how to position yourself and present your coaching program wouldn't you think? Especially if I told you I only coach about 10 hours per month - and take in $216,000 per year. Not bad, huh?

The thing, I can teach you to do it. In, fact, many of my clients are now enjoying a fulltime income after working with me. And that's what I'd like to see for you. Because frankly, you aren't earning as much as you are worth, and you would like to be earning more, right?

I knew that you wanted to! And that's what this is going to do for you!

By the way - one more thing - in learning what I am teaching you here, about 30% of it I have developed over the years as I have studied sales and human psychology. But about 70% of what I am teaching you here - I have learned over the last 3 years through actually doing the coaching, finding out what works and what doesn't, and by hunting down 3 professionals in the industry and paying them dearly to learn their secrets- about $40,000 so far is what I have invested to learn what I am teaching you here.

And to be honest with you, I wouldn't have spent $40,000 if I could have found this information anywhere else for less. But the truth of the matter is - to the best of my knowledge - and I have spent $40k on it - no one else on earth is teaching this material like I am here - and the few that are require $40k or more to get it - and then it is not organized like I am giving it to you here.

Why am I telling you all of this? First of all, it is certainly not to boast or brag - because frankly I can think of many things I would rather have spent $40k on - but I can tell you this, I believe it was the best investment of my money since I began my online business.

And in this package, you are getting access to the nuts and bolts of that information and experience - boiled down to exactly what to do and how to do it.

So whether you would learn it from me, hour by hour, for a total of $17,000, or you would spend $40,000 learning it from others from whom you have to boil it down yourself, this is an incredible value amount of information.

And frankly I could sell access to this information for $15k. I could sell this for $10k. I could even sell it for $5k (I have some clients who have paid me $5k for much less information than is included in this package).

However, because I want to create as many success stories as possible in the next 90 days, and frankly I want to make it a no-brainer for you so that you can take this course and have your own coaching program up and running in 30 days or less, so I have decided to release this information to you for just $1000 as long as you are willing to do one thing for me:

When you make your first coaching sale as a result of my program, I want you to send me a testimonial. And when you have your first $10k month as a result of my program.

So as long as you are willing to send me 2 testimonials - one right away when you get your first client, and another in a few months when you have your first $10k month, I will let you have this for just $1000. Is that fair?


Look, I don't want to twist your arm or beg you - if you can see that this is not a good deal, and you can't see how you can build a coaching business in just 30 days using my system - don't sign up.

But if you decide not to sign up - I simply suggest that you sign up with SOMEBODY. It doesn't have to be me...but frankly, if you keep trying to guess at what works, like you have been doing, and doing trial and error when you could just learn exactly what to do and how to do it from someone who has been there, done that, it's just foolish. And I'm sorry if you think that's harsh.

But it's the truth.

I mean think about this. Imagine if one year ago you had started working with me and had just had marginal success...perhaps you would have 20 clients paying you $500 per month right now. That's an extra $10,000 per month that you don't have now.

And the truth of the matter, each month you continue to try to figure it out on your own, your simply leaving money on the table.

How much longer are you willing to continue leaving money on the table - money that you and your family could really use. What WOULD you do with an extra $10k or more per month?

So if you are trying to decide if this is a good investment...$1000 to work with me for a full month AND have a coaching business up and running in the first 30 days.....think about what it is going to cost you NOT to work with me and learn exactly how it's done?

So - what is it going to cost you NOT to attend and leave with a complete ready to sell coaching program?

Think about this - how long have you been trying to get a coaching program off the ground? 3 months? 6 months? 2 years? How many clients, how much revenue have you lost out on by NOT having access to this information, by NOT knowing what to do and how to do it?

$10,000? $20,000? $50k? More???

And how much are you going to continue losing each month if you do nothing if you pass on this today?


Let's just say that you are willing to work 10 hours per week in your coaching business, and you are willing to take on 10 clients at $500 per month - that is $5000 per month. Or maybe you are willing to do group classes and have 20-30 at $400 per month - that is $8000, $12,000 per month.

How much longer are you willing to forego $5000, $8000, even $12000 or more per month simply because you don't know what to do and how to do it, simply because your coaching business is not up and running?


If you download this program today, and begin receiving the weekly lessons - each one has 7 days of step by step instructions for what to do each day to launch your coaching business in just 30 days - you will have your coaching program ready to sell and deliver - and KNOW how to sell it - by the end of the month.

I suggest you take action now, and sign up below before this sells out. I am only allowing a few people into this program, because the material is proprietary, and I and I want everyone to get the best experience and to be able to market their coaching the way I teach without much competition. And once it sells out, I cannot take anyone else in - so go ahead, make your payment now, let's get you enrolled, and create your coaching program !

Yes, Sean I want you to show me how to build a coaching business in 30 days or less...sign me up!

I understand I am going to receive:

Your entire coaching mastery training program - including over 17 hours of precise, detailed instruction on how to build my coaching business in 30 days or less ($17,000 value of my time)

This is over $18,000 in total value, discounted today to $1000...

You can either pay for it today in full with a $100 discount ($900) or make 4 payments of $250


To make $900 payment (save $100):

To make 4 monthly payments of $250:


JUST one payment of $97:



Perhaps right now you are thinking - do I really want to invest $1000 right now to have a coaching business up and running in 30 days or less?

And perhaps I should ask you this: how much longer can you continue to try to do it on your own? You see, doing it on your own, trying to figure it out on your own, simply isn't working for you.

Because if it were, you wouldn't even be considering this - you would already be generating $5k, $10k, $20k per month online with your coaching.

But the bottom line is that right now - you aren't - and I am. And I don't say that to brag - but it is the truth. You see, the fact of the matter is - you DON'T know what to do and how to do it to run an $20k per month coaching business. I do.

And in this course I teach you exactly what to do and how to do it just like I do it.

What is it costing you NOT to have access to this information? You see, each month you sit back and hope you can stumble on a magic formula - you are losing whatever income you could have coming in if only you knew what to do and how to do it?

How much longer can you continue to lose money by not having the money come in that could, if you had the exact blueprint for how to sell your own high ticket coaching?

Go ahead, decide - make the decision to change your life and your future today, and invest in yourself today.

Yes, Sean I want to work with you to build a coaching business in 30 days or less...sign me up!

I understand I am going to receive:

Your entire coaching mastery training program - including over 17 hours of precise, detailed instruction on how to build my coaching business in 30 days or less ($17,000 value of my time)

This is over $18,000 in total value, discounted today to $1000...

You can either pay for it today in full with a $100 discount ($900) or make 4 payments of $250


To make $900 payment (save $100):

To make 4 monthly payments of $250:



JUST one payment of $97: