Discussion About a Way to Work Together to Create Big Launches

We’ve been talking about working together to create some big launches.

And one of the things I hear a lot is this: there is no way to break into the big launches because all the big guys just promote all the time for each other.

Well, my thought is this: why not have like 100 of us – you and me and 98 others – people without the huge lists – and we all work together, and between us maybe there are 200,000 subscribers, you, me, and 98 others can come up with 20,000 clicks in a day to a single launch, we make 500 sales or something like that on each launch, and we do one a day for 100 days and everyone gets their launch.

Now, in an ideal world where no one would get their launch and then not mail, wow! that would be cool.

So I’ve really been trying to brainstorm some ways to make something like that happen.

So I sent an email a few days ago with some ideas.

Then I sent one a few minutes ago with some more ideas, but some of the ideas were a little different than in the first email, and some people got offended.

So now I am writing this – and I’m sure to offend someone else.

But I am going to try to just be blunt and honest and hopefully you’ll understand why I am trying to make this happen – for you and for me.

Here’s the thing, I know that in the last email I sent you, I managed to offend almost everyone. Because about 7 people of the 75 who wrote me have big lists, you know, 10,000 or more, and making $10k or more, then there are a bunch of people making maybe $500 a month who really need help to get to the next level, then there are a bunch of folks who just can’t figure any of it out, no matter how many classes they take.

And I somehow seem to have managed to put something in that email to offend everyone.

Because the 7 people who really should just do a personal jv with me if we did anything – got that email suggesting a group thing, so they seem to be offended.

Then the people in the middle, think that they don’t really need to put anything up front, because they already know what to do and how to do it – but I’m going to offend them again – they don’t really, or they would have big lists and be making money like the 7 I just mentioned.

And then the folks on the bottom are scared to invest any money to figure out how to do things –

And all of these are generalizations, and I probably shouldn’t even be writing this.

But truth be told – I really want folks to see the conundrum this is for me, in that I want to find a solution that will work for everyone, but if I can’t speak my mind without folks getting offended, then instead of trying to help by trying to bring a group together like this, I’m better off creating more training. But what is training worth if like-minded people can’t come together and work on solutions?

And I think I actually offended some people by writing my thoughts in the first email, then as I read 75 emails and tried to process the best way to do things to help the most people, some ideas morphed a little, and some people got offended.

The biggest thing is that there are maybe 7 people who I could do a real partnership with – equal to equal, meaning they bring exactly as much to the table as I do (ok, I just offended 30 more people 🙂 )

My wife would tell me to just stop while I’m ahead!

But I’m determined to tackle this beast –

so that leaves, let’s say 70 people who need someone like me who has the ability to make the launch side happen and drive the sales in.

But frankly, there is just no way I can personally do 75 50-50 split jv type things  – and the truth is, that if someone can do it on their own, they don’t need to split half with me, and if they cannot, frankly 50% is not enough for all the wear and tear on my list to mail for 75 people and guarantee them all 100 sales – sure it sounds fair to them, but 65 or 70 of the 75 don’t have a list and the income and don’t know what kind of wear and tear that is.

So then I start thinking about the options – you know, I could charge $500, guarantee 100 sales, do a 50-50 split on commission, the person investing with me would get $350 back with the 50-50 split if it were a $7 WSO – much more if it were a $37 launch – of course I would make money as well –

and the funny thing is, several folks who told me what they thought my service was worth to pull this off, said it would be worth about $1000!!!

but what I am hearing is that folks don’t want to pay for the service, they just want the 50-50 –

Anyhow, I’ve already rambled about how that won’t work – you see, my desire is to help as many people make this work as possible – so don’t want to limit something to 3,4,5 people (which would be doable for me)

So that leaves one last idea – and this is the real corker!

And that is that if all 75 people would work together, plus maybe 25 more, and agree that for everyone’s launch, they would each make one sale – well then everyone would get their 100 sales up front. Sure, they would be no net gain on the first 100 – but that isn’t point. The point is that once you get 100 sales in a few hours, affiliates start promoting.

Then you are building a list, making back end sales, etc.

But for the life of me I can’t figure out how it can work, cause if we do it on everyone’s honor, sure 15 people will actually buy all 100 – but then the other 85 start slacking, we’ve all seen it before, then no one gets the sales, and if you can’t get 100 sales, then why do it? If you can’t get the affiliates to jump on board –

So the only way I see to do that is to require a fee upfront – maybe $500 or something, they get it back once they make the sales. Course I can’t see hardly anyone going for that.

The other way would be to say you have to make all the sales for others before you launch yours – but that won’t work because someone has to go first!

So the problem is that has to be really policed!

I know a few guys already have WSO groups like this going, but as usual, it’s a handful of big lists that are doing the bulk of the mailing.

I envision something where little guys – you know, 1000 subscribers or less – could all mail at the same time for each other – but have no idea how to get everyone that signs up to actually do it.

Because if it’s free, people don’t follow through.

So then after all of that contemplation, I decided – okay, the only way I can guarantee someone 100 sales is to do it myself, mail to my list.

So, those are my thoughts –

And if anyone can add something truly useful and relevant to the conversation, I would be much pleased!