How to Generate Content Marketing Traffic Online

Are you struggling to get website or blog traffic to your website? Maybe you’ve been paying too much for traffic, or you are struggling to get social media traffic, or even search engine traffic.

Well, one of the world’s hidden sources of traffic online is content marketing traffic. In fact, the search engines deliver millions of visits and websites and blogs many many more. But it is often overlooked as a traffic source. Possibly because it seems hard to do.

But with the newest search engine algorithms, we are seeing that the search engines are aggressively ranking genuine content online. Now, we’re not talking about thin content, or poorly written content. We are talking about real valuable blog posts, website posts, and content articles online.

And you can get that traffic to your website.

There are 4 primary steps to getting content marketing traffic to your site:

1) Start your own content site. This can be as simple as a blog, or as in-depth a website as you desire. But the key here is that you have somewhere you can write blog posts or articles.

2) Find 10-20 top websites or blogs in your niche and get involved with those sites. Write content for them, get involved in the conversation on their website, etc. As you create content for their sites, be sure to link to your own content website from your content posts on their websites.

As the search engines notice you are getting visitors and engagement on your site, you will find that you can get into the search engines very quickly when you post new content on your site. Sometimes on my own site, I can post something now and in 15 minutes it’s on the top page for my keywords in one of the search engines. You can have the same thing happen on your site by regularly writing and posting quality content on your site, and getting visitor engagement with that content.

3) Focus on getting visitors to your content, both on 3rd party sites, and your own site. Use any google-approved methods to get other websites to link back to your website.

That’s content marketing in a nutshell. Obviously, you can build it out a lot deeper than this. But this is the basic system.

If you want to learn more about how to choose 10-20 top websites or blogs in your niche, and how to get involved with those sites, download my brand new free content traffic guide here:  How to Generate Content Marketing Traffic Online


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