How to Generate Traffic Online Using Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the easiest ways to get targeted traffic online, from visitors who are actively looking for a solution. The way it works is that each day the search engines, websites and blogs in your niche are sending their visitors to quality content online. And if some of that content is yours, you will get traffic from the search engines, websites and blogs in your niche.

It’s that easy, and it’s not hard to get content published online that will get linked to by the search engines or by other websites and blogs. You can even put the content on your own site and get the search engines to recommend it (of course, if your site is brand new, it will take some time, that’s why I often recommend starting by putting content on other people’s sites first because their sites are already getting traffic from the search engines).

The reason this works is that the search engines have to rank 10 sites in their top ten rankings for your keyword each day. And what they really want for those sites is that they have truly relevant content that their readers will engage with. So all you really have to do is write the kind of content readers are looking for in your niche, and get it on sites that the search engines are already favoring by sending traffic to them.

Here’s how to get started with content marketing:

1) Find 10-20 websites or blogs in your niche that are already getting traffic from the search engines or from other websites or blogs. I’ve created a process for doing this I call “Holographic Traffic” because it allows you to holographically choose websites based on multiple engagement methods.

2) Begin to write content and get it published on those websites.

3) Work on getting traffic and engagement to the content pages where your content is published. This is less necessary on a heavily-trafficked site, and more necessary, if, for example, you are trying to build up your own site as the content place in your niche. But the bottom line here is to drive search engine – approved visitors to your content pages. This will show the search engines that your content is worth ranking; then they send their traffic to your content.

4) Monetize your traffic.

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How to Generate Holographic Traffic Online

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