Finding Your Purpose To Create a Lasting Business

The most important step to building your business is the first step: finding your real purpose and building your business within your purpose. You see, if you are just building a business, your passion won’t be there, and it will likely grow very slowly. When you are passionate and working in your purpose, you will find that building your business is exponentially easier.

So start by listening to these trainings to help you determine your purpose – and connect that purpose to growth!

Your Purpose – Change the World


Once you know your purpose, you can focus that purpose to get incredible results fast:

Clarity of Purpose


When you have purpose, it naturally leads to clarity of focus:

Clarity of Focus



1) Write our your skills

2) Determine your purpose

3) Write out what your impact on the world would be if you achieved your purpose

4) How will this clarity of purpose impact your focus?

— Sean Mize