Coaching Program Fast Start Launch Course

As bonus listening, listen to this recording of a coaching call I did with a client where I gave him the entire process for launching a coaching program in less than a week (listen to this first):

Recording of coaching program launch call

Also, I highly recommend you purchase my paperback book, as it contains exact instructions for every element of launching your coaching program, I will refer to it on the calls, and it will serve as a handy guide for writing your emails, sales letters, and running your program in the future:

Anyone Can Coach – the book



Then listen to the daily recordings, walking you step by step through creating and launching your own coaching program by Wednesday or next week:

Day 1, Part 1 (listen to this first)

Day 1, Part 2

and the bonus training, how to write a coaching sales letter:

Coaching Sales Letter

Use the exact instructions in that teaching to create your sales letter –

Once you have written that much, it will be missing one critical element: emotional connection (when I recorded that training I just didn’t teach it). When I realized my mistake, I recorded another training to add that component. So next listen to this training: Adding in the Emotional Component of Your Sales Letter then write as directed in that training, and add it to your sales letter.


Here is the recording of the 2nd live coaching program launch class training (including homework, which is given on the recording of the call):

Day 2- How to do Your Launch Campaign (Among Other Things)


Here is the recording of the 3rd and final training:

Day 3 – How to Sign Up As Many Clients As Possible, How to Sell Yearly Coaching






To your coaching success,

Sean Mize