The Complete WSO Business Training Course

The Complete WSO Business Training Course Manual:

The Manual


How to Create a WSO in Less Than 2 Hours Videos:

(Note: I highly recommend watching these in order, as I reference
the prior videos as I go through):

Watch me Write a WSO Salesletter

Watch Me Upload and Route Delivery of WSO

Bonus Videos:

Bonus – Make WSO Live and Send Email

Bonus Training – Upload and Queue WSO Upsell


Your Bonus Black Belt Training Download (my
ultra-fast process for creating products FAST – you
can use this process to create new WSOs in less than a day each):

Black Belt Product Creation Bonus Download

Note: I will send you an email to the email address you used to access this page, with the date and time and access details for the live training call I will hold where you can ask any questions about doing WSOs and I won’t hold back!

Please read the manual and watch the videos first so you aren’t asking questions about things I’ve already taught here, as that will make it really boring for other clients who come to the call prepared!