Watch me 30 Day Warrior Plus and JvZoo Campaign

Welcome to watch me generate $50k in the next 30 days on warrior plus and jvzoo . . .

I’ll post each day’s results, along with some accumulated updates here.

I’ll post the sales letter for each product as well.

and I’ll post the emails I send my list.

and if I ask an affiliate to promote I’ll share that too.

(Keep in mind, this is live, and if I close an offer, I might take the page down)

And give you some insight into the why of a product (sometimes after the fact, as some details will skew sales)

So the first product of course is this product, the Watch Me Campaign.

Sales Letter

Upsell 1

Upsell 2

Stats 1st day

Breakdown of upsell sales

Also, started a jvzoo promotion the previous day:

Sales Letter, July 4th Blowout

Stats on Jvzoo first day

So for the background on the watch me campaign . . . . a watch me campaign traditionally does well, and it holds me more accountable, so why not?

For the repurpose sale . . . it was simply something to kick off my own motivation to do this 🙂

By the way, could YOU do a watch me campaign of your own . . .watch me create my first 10 offers, watch me get my first 10 subscribers?

So total sales day 1: $699 + $150 = $849

Keep in mind, sales will build as the month progresses as I’m building a list of buyers as I do this, and tagging new buyers with recency tags so conversion rates will go up.

So the question for you today is . . . how can you do something like this?

How could you start offering multiple products for sale on buyer formats like warrior plus, warrior forum, and jvzoo and get buyer leads?

Day 2

Stats, Day 2

So this adds $478 to the total . . . so $849 + $478 = $1327

Day 3

Stats, Day 3

So this adds $470 to the total . . so $1327 + $470 – $1797 total

Day 4

Stats, Day 4

So $1797 + $350 = $2147

So by this time, late in the campaign, many sales tend to be driven by self-selected affiliates (I didn’t ask anyone to promote, they all asked me)

So here’s a snapshot of affiliate sales on this:

Affiliate sales, watch me training

Day 5

Sales are actually continuing to surprise me, normally there’s more of a curve to the sales, but sales are remaining strong even on Day 5:

Day 5 stats

$2147 + $435 = $2582

Day 6


Day 6 Stats

$2582 + $373 = $2955

And released a new wso . . .

New Wso

This is a brand new offer, brand new content, with plr . .

I don’t know that I’ve ever offered plr right off the bat on a new product like, but wanted to see total response . .

frankly wasn’t what I expected so plan to test something new this coming week . . .


I’ve added a bonus to this package, this doc will show you step by step how I got started doing this kind of thing . . .and I believe you can leverage up to $500 or more per release very quickly . .

by the way, if you want my help in doing that, shoot me an email, we might be able to work something out, I want to see folks succeed, I’m crazy about working with folks who are super-excited about creating a business like this, but if you are, shoot me an email . .

So here it is:The WSO Volume Plan where I teach you the thought process behind how I do all of this, this is a critical read if you want to duplicate my process:

The WSO Volume Plan

Day 7

Today was exciting because warrior plus chose my offer as Deal of the Day!

(Here is the DOTD write-up: DOTD Write-Up )

This was a big surprise to me, and the numbers tell the story:

Day 7 Stats, DOTD included

$2955 +$1356 = $4301

Day 8

Day 8 Stats

$4301 +$654 = $4955

This was sort of a hangover from the DOTD – and what happens sometimes is new affiliates jump on board . . here’s a total of affiliate action for the last few days:

Affiliate Action

Day 9

Day 9 stats (7-14)

$4955 +$288 = $5243

Now, hopefully by now you’ve read the Volume WSO Blueprint doc . . .

And your mind has gotten shaken up and you can see what you can really do  . .


And now as you are watching this, you can see it before your very eyes (like when you saw the DOTD in print)

This method WORKS not just for sales but for new subscribers . . and keep in mind, when an affiliate sends me a buyer who is a subscriber . . they are a buyer! Not just someone who is kicking tires and filled out a form . .

Secret: my list is perhaps 80% buyers!

That’s right, a lot of folks focus on just squeeze pages, of course that’s how I got started – but you get a list of subscribers –

with this method you get buyers too!

I think I first learned this technique as “Self Liquidating Offers” from Ryan Deiss

Now, you may or may not like Ryan, or agree with everything he does . .

but this was a brilliant strategy for me . .

And getting buyers on your list means you know that most of your list members can . . buy!

OK, till next time (probably Mon before I post the weekend results)

and the new offer for next week!

Day 10

No stats yet, but just launched the next wso in this series: How to Create a Coaching Program in 10 Days (New Social Method)


Ok, 10 days in and I realized that I couldn’t continue making this challenge happen at the same time as I am launching my new template hosting service . . .

It was supposed to be launched days ago but as you may know if you are building something big, things take longer than you hope and plan.

So I realize that I can’t do both and do them right.

So, 2 things:

  1. I am going to suspend this wso/jvzoo challenge for a few days while I finish launching the new services and work out kinks. I’ll continue this challenge intermittently and then plan to finish once the service is fully live.
  2. I surely hope you’ve learned a lot in this challenge, so far, that you’ve been motivated – and frankly hope that you’ve ALREADY gained much more in value and learning than you invested.And then of course when I continue, hopefully you’ll learn more. And of course, you are hopefully getting valuable training and ideas in my daily emails and the things I share in different contexts.

Having said that, if you are reading this and thinking, nope, I haven’t gotten value from this, shoot us an email, we’ll refund your payment and take you out of the training loop (which of course you would want to do if you aren’t getting value from me and your life is changing)

But if you are thinking, yeah I’ve gotten amazing value, I’m learning new and different things, not exactly what I thought I was going to learn, but I am learning and my perspective is changing . . .


I personally challenge you to take action in your own life and business and see how you can replicate the energy you’ve seen me put into launching the new wso account and doing over $6k so far . .

while simultaneously building a new service that I frankly believe will change the internet marketing industry (and if don’t know what I’m talking about, keep your eyes out for an announcement this coming week)

Thanks for understanding, and again, if you are feeling hurt or didn’t get value, no worries, just shoot us an email, we’ll refund and take you out of the training loop!

Otherwise, keep learning from my emails and what you see me doing!

One last thing: here’s a screen shot of revenue so far just on warrior plus:

Screen Shot of Revenue So Far Just on Warrior Plus With a Brand New Account

P.S. as you may know, I try to write a new, fresh, daily training email each day that I work (normally Mon-Thurs)

but sometimes I run out of ideas . .

so . . if you have something you think would be a good idea for me to teach about in one of my daily training emails, shoot me an email, let me know, and I’ll likely write an email or a blog post about it in the next few days!



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