Your "Video Sales Letter Toolbox" Download Page

Congratulations on choosing my Video Sales Letter Toolbox!

Here's how this is organized:

There are Word, Pages, Powerpoint, and Keynote Versions of the script.

I've also included 4 checklists that help you prepare yourself for using the script. The checklists give you guidelines for thinking of your features and benefits, pain points, call to action, etc. Then those elements can be just copy and pasted into the script.

Or - not recommended for the first time - but you can go straight to the template and fill in the blanks.

I've also created instructional videos for every step. There's an instructional video for each checklist, plus 14 instructional videos that take you through the entire template, from intro to close, show you how to get it on a webpage online with a payment button, and how to convert your video script into a print sales letter quickly and easily.

The instructions show you how to use the Word or Pages docs for editting, then convert into slides. But you can go directly to the Powerpoint or Keynote versions if you want.

I've tried to keep this as simple as possibly, while also making it ultra-flexible so that you can use the software that is easiest for you.

The instructions are not necessary to use the templates, but are highly recommended as they do go quite a bit deeper than just telling you which blanks to fill in - there's a lot of "why" and sales development included in the instructional videos, and will be well worth your time to watch!

Instructional Videos:

Checklist Instructions (start by doing the checklists, they completely prepare you for copy and pasting using the templates):

Benefits Checklist Instructions

Call to Action Checklist Instructions

Pain and Problems Checklist Instructions

Story Checklist Instructions

Video Sales Letter Instructions:

Introduction Instructions

Explanation of Why Instructions

Write Why Section Instructions

Build Desire Instructions

Tell a Story and Introduce Solution

Tell About Solution

Call to Action

After the Call to Action

Final Check and Hints

How to Convert to Slides

Put on Video Page and Create Delayed Action Links

Convert to a Print Sales Letter Part 1

Convert to a Print Sales Letter Part 2

Convert to a Print Sales Letter Part 3


Note: the templates are 100% edittable in Word or Pages, to change full page font, just highlight entire doc, then change font. Just remember you'll have to make sure each slide (page) is centered, etc. after the reformat.

Video Sales Letter Template - Word Doc (24 pt font)

Video Sales Letter Template Word Doc(36 pt font)

Video Sales Letter Template - Pages Doc for Mac Users (24 pt font)(the one I used in the example videos)

Video Sales Letter Template Pages Doc (36 pt font) (recommended)

Powerpoint Video Sales Letter Template

Keynote Video Sales Letter Template


Word Docs (for pc users):

Benefits Checklist (Word Doc)

Pain and Problems Checklist - Word Doc

Story Checklist - Word Doc

Call to Action Checklist - Word Doc

Pages docs (for mac users):

Benefits Checklists - Pages Doc

Pain and Problems Checklist - Pages Doc

Story Checklist - Pages Doc

Call to Action Checklist - Pages Doc

-- Sean