Faith Based Training – The Power of Christ in You

As you may know, I’ve started doing a faith-based internet training series. This is a telephone-based training series that will teach you Bible-based success principles, and will specifically adapt the principles to online achievement.

You see, I believe that the Bible is relevant for everything we do in our lives – including what we do online, and especially including the success we achieve.

I will likely be teaching some things you’ve never seen or heard before, as I plan to take Bible passages and show in a unique way how they are applicable to the work we do online.

The approach I plan to take will increase your understanding and awareness of how God’s principles can serve as the foundation of your internet business success, and as a result of implementing these strategies and growing in your relationship with God, you can achieve the success that has perhaps been eluding you.

If you want to listen live to the next one on Tuesday, May 28th at 2 PM ET, register here:

Register for Faith – Based Training

The planned topic is: the Power of Christ in You –

I’ll be teaching you about the power of Christ that is in you if you are
a Christ – follower, and what that means for you (what the Bible really says
about that power)