Are you information – overloaded, but not getting the results you want?


Are you frustrated because for 6 months or a year or more you have been buying training, studying from the gurus and the experts, you even know what to do, you can tell your friends about it over lunch?

Are you tired of learning what to do, then when you go to do it, it just doesn’t work like the video?

Or have you been learning, learning, learning – you feel like you could TELL someone how to do the internet-marketing thingy – but YOU aren’t making money?


Here’s the thing: sometimes there is an inverse relationship between knowledge and results.

You keep learning, learning, learning.

Sometimes you get stuck in what they call “shiny object syndrome”

And when you try to build a real business that makes real money, you get stuck.

Here’s the thing: you can learn and learn and learn.

And you can do the work, do the work, do the work.

But let’s call it like it is:

You get stuck.

And the thing is, it’s not your fault.

In fact, the whole knowledge cycle is addicting.

The more you learn, the more you want to learn.

It’s sort of like the college kid that never wants to graduate and get a job.

Cause it’s fun and addicting to keep studying.

Plus, everytime you open your email box there are like 10 people telling you that you “just HAVE to buy their latest training or you will get behind on the rapidly-changing internet”

The gurus are making their livings by convincing you (and me) that if you just buy one more training then you will have it all figured out.

But there is always “one more training”

Frankly, it sickens me.

And that’s why I’ve been doing some heavy-duty thinking in my own business lately.

I’ve been watching who succeeds and who doesn’t.

And I’ve discovered that the person who buys the most training isn’t necessarily the person who gets the most results.

Instead, I’m finding that it’s the person who spends the most time talking with me personally and then DOES what I tell them.

(Some people pay good money to talk with me but DON’T implement. They don’t succeed.)

The people who get the most results are the ones who DO what I suggest.

Now, I’m not bragging, please understand.

I’m simply sharing an observation.

So let me ask you this:

Do you think it would make a difference if you were regularly talking with me personally?

Or maybe, do you ever think, I wish I had someone to just TALK TO?

Someone who’s done it.

Been there, done that.

Someone who knows what will work before you do it.

Someone who will get you “unstuck” so you can get back to making money?

Here’s the thing:

And I’ll call it like it is:

You can keep studying, and learning, and taking coaching programs, and buying unlimited access to training programs, and you can study, study, study.

But until you actually start making money, nothing matters.

Or if you are already making money – let’s say, $5,000 a month – until you can get that to $10k a month, you can’t quit your day job anyhow, and maybe you are ruining your marriage or never spending time with your children because you are working SO hard to make that $5k a month.

Or maybe you are at $10k a month, but now you really need more just to pay the bills. Cause let’s face it, the more you make, the more your family spends. The more you make, the more the tax man wants. And the more you make, the harder it is to get into the “next bracket” and take home more.

Ok, I’m gonna call it like it is again:

If you keep doing what you are doing, you are going to keep getting the same results.


If you are happy with your current results, then stop reading.

You don’t need me.

That’s right, if you are happy with your current results, just close this page.

You don’t need anything more from me.

Well, since you are still reading, I’m guessing that you are NOT happy with your current results.

So the question is, what’s it gonna take to improve things?

Let’s start with what you DON’T want to do:

And that’s: buy another training course. Even if you have some unlimited access to training and you keep getting more training, just listening to more training isn’t gonna get you where you want to go.

The thing is, you see what kind of business I run.

And you see the kind of business the other gurus you are watching, run.

And let’s face it, it’s not like you are much different than us.

Your body works about like ours do.

You have about the same intelligence.

You are blessed with the same 24 hours each day that we get.

If we can start an internet business from scratch and make a full time income ++++, then you can too.

But the truth of the matter is this:

Deep inside you know that you keep getting stuck.

You keep getting stuck.

And you can’t get unstuck.

And it’s really frustrating.

Because you can see how easy it is, and yet when you go to do it, it just doesn’t work the same way.

OR – it works when you work it.

But life gets in the way.

Your wife wants you to clean out the garage and stop playing on the web.

Your husband wants you to cook dinner and quit playing on the web.

They just don’t understand.

or maybe you are in this together with your husband or wife.

and the kids don’t understand.

The phone rings.

The text comes in.

The TV show comes on.

And you get distracted.

Do you feel like distractions are holding you back from the business you deserve?

Do you believe you deserve a big web business, but you keep getting distracted?

Do things keep coming up which block your success?

If so, I think you are going to like this.

Because I understand how you feel.

You see, I remember how hard it was for me to get to this point online.

Where I can build a website in a few hours and write a sales letter in an hour or two.

It’s wasn’t easy.

The phone rang.

My wife had questions.

My dog wanted to play.

I got tired.

It wasn’t easy.

But I’ve done it.

I have it now.

Automated revenue.

Ease in my business.

Can create a new site or business on demand.

Launch a new coaching program when my clients need it.

Guide and coach clients to success.

And make good money at the same time.

Is that what you are looking for?

Do YOU want to have this kind of freedom?

The freedom to work from a coffeeshop, your dining room table, or even an RV if you want to take a long road trip?

If so, I believe this is going to make all the difference in the world.

You see, one of the things that I have discovered in working with clients over the years is that the clients who work most closely with get the most results.

Someone can study 100 hours of my teaching, just like this, and know it all, but there is an implementation gap.

Do you feel like that?

Like you know what to, but when you go to do it, it just won’t work?

What if you were able to talk with me personally when that happened?

What if you could talk with me for 5 mins and I could walk you through that issue?

Would that make a difference?

I’ve discovered that when I work with someone personally, they get better results.

Not because I teach them something I’m not teaching you.

But because I hold them accountable.

Like when I say, do this, and we’ll talk in 2 weeks, and give me a report on what you did.

Do you think that if they get stuck, they will push on a little harder because they know they have to talk with me?

They do!

Imagine if you knew that tomorrow you had to give me a live report on something I asked you to do in your business, and it’s not done yet.

Would you forego your favorite TV show tonight?

Or stay up late and get it done?

If so, you can already see how working personally with me WITH accountability would make a huge difference, right?

You see, you might be in my Platinum Coaching Program, or you might be a Total Access client, or you might just have this training.

But the truth of the matter is, it’s all “what to do” and in the Platinum Coaching, it’s q and a.

And that’s helpful, sure.

But what if you were a part of a select group of vetted clients who were all working on the same thing, in a small group mastermind with just 20 people, all working on something similar, and I would personally hold you accountable week after week?

You see, in my normal coaching, there are like 100 clients.

And many of those clients, because of the low price, are beginner clients.

You know how it is, many of the q and a questions are basic questions. And those detract from really being able to go deep and get you the results you want.

So how would it feel to work personally with me, in a small group of just 20 people who are working towards building a real business, we would start with a 1-1 blueprint session where we would map out the next 6 months, exactly what you are going to accomplish, according to your desires?

Then we would set a time table for getting YOU the results you want in your business.

And every 2 weeks, we would meet with other clients working on something similar, the same folks each time, and not everyone, just folks in the special mastermind.

You would get to know each other.

You would critique each other’s sites and businesses.

You would have email access to everyone else in the small group mastermind.

We would meet 2 times a month maybe the first and third Wednesday or Tuesday, or whatever we all decided as a group.

And the best part would be that I would put EVERY PERSON on a hot seat EVERY WEEK.

We can’t do that in the big group coaching, cause there’s like 100 clients.

But with this, I would limit it to just 20 clients.

Every client (including YOU) would be required to give an account of what you have attempted since the last call, and what you accomplished.

Would that motivate you to GET MORE DONE?


Not only will I require it, but if you don’t show up regularly, I will kick you out.

Because if you don’t show up, you aren’t gonna get results.

And I only want folks who want to get results.

And if you aren’t willing to implement what I teach you, I will ask you to leave the program. Here’s the thing, I want to work with clients who REALLY want to get results and ARE WILLING TO DO THE WORK.

And if you aren’t motivated to do what it takes to build your business and get results, I don’t want you distracting the others who are.

I know that’s harsh.

I know some folks are going to get their feelings hurt.

But if that’s the price to pay to have a group of clients on a private call with everyone participating and working on the real stuff in your business, not “how to write an article” or “how to do I get a new subscriber” (no offense if you’re at that level, but this advanced program is not for you)

You see, the real difference here is that everyone will working on profit-stuff.

Getting profitable prospects to your business.

Writing profitable emails and sales letters.

Creating automated profit funnels that make money.

Deep stuff.

Stuff like I work with folks on in a 1-1 phone consultation.

Would it help YOU build your business faster if you knew that I was going to call you on the spot?

You see, in my regular coaching, I don’t really want to be mean.

Well, I don’t want to mean here either.

But I will call it like it is.

If you are playing around in your business, I’ll call you on it.

If you don’t like it, you can leave.

And make room for someone else.

You see, if you are going to change your life, you are going to have to be held accountable.

And at this point, you are either feeling this or not.

If you are not feeling this, if you don’t want me to tell you that you are wrong (when you are), don’t enroll.

Because this isn’t gonna be “pat you on the back coaching”

This is going to be “hold your feet to the fire coaching”

Is that what you are looking for?

Someone to hold you accountable, hold your feet to the fire, and push you till it hurts?

And you get results?

How would it feel if you could actually get results?

How would it feel to STOP banging your head against the wall, making the same mistakes over and over and over again?

If you’d like, let’s keep going here.

If not, just close this page.

This isn’t for you.

Introducing my brand new:


10x Roundtable With Sean Mize


Here’s what’s in my brand new 10x Roundtable:

1) Private Access to me 2 times a month. We will meet 2x a month in a small mastermind group. It will a live, open-access call where EVERYONE is expected to participate. You CANNOT hide on the call. You MUST announce yourself, I will be taking attendance. If you do not show on the calls repeatedly, I will ask you to leave the mastermind Round Table so that someone else can come in. Because I’m going to limit this to 20 people MAX. I only want people who are SERIOUS in this program.

2) You’ll get a personal 1-1 blueprint call with me for one hour right up front. Meaning when you get started, right away we will talk for an hour and I will give you the exact blueprint for doing what YOU want to do in the next 6 months. Then each time we meet in the roundtable, I will personally hold you accountable for the work you are supposed to do to get the results you want.

3) I will keep a folder (a physical manila folder) on you and your progress. Each time we meet I will pull out a private sheet with your goals on it and I will drill you on your progress. I will ask you why you haven’t completed something. I will demand a timeframe for your next action. So that you will get results. If you don’t do the work, I will publicly on the group mastermind call, call you on it. If you don’t want me to call you out, do the work. Or just don’t get in.

yes, I get it, this is tough. Maybe you aren’t tough enough, But I think you are. This isn’t namby-pamby cookie cutter coaching, this is real life mastermind with Sean Mize.


4) You will get the ability to actively mastermind with the others in your private mastermind Round Table. In fact, I encourage it. Promote each other. Talk with each other away from the call. Etc. Partner up. Etc. Get to know each other and help each other out. Trade services. If one of your is a great writer, and someone else is a great wordpress person, trade services. Benefit each other. Would this be helpful?

5) Supreme accountability. Repeat from earlier: each time we meet I will personally hold you accountable for what you have agreed to do the meeting before.

Can you see how this will help you get results? Imagine if every 2 weeks I hold you personally accountable for achieving your goals? I won’t be mean about it, but I will call you on it if your dog eats your homework. I mean, excuses. Excuses have to go if you want a real full time online business.

You see, you CAN have a full time online business just like mine.

You see how easy it is for me to do this, right?

I love what I do.

Do you want to do what I do, but in your niche, helping people in your niche?

If so, this accountability roundtable will take you there.

Do you want to be a part?

By the way, if you don’t, that’s okay.

I’m only taking 20 people because I want to make sure I can hold EVERYONE accountable each time we meet, so I want to keep it small.

Plus – I want to make sure everyone is right for the roundtable, that no one is going to take away from the group.

Are you excited?

If so, let’s talk about the investment.

This isn’t going to be cheap.

But it’s not going to be $1000 an hour like if you booked an hour session with me every other week.

And look, you don’t need an hour. I am going to push you like crazy in this roundtable. Plus you’ll have the initial blueprint call, then another one every 6 months.

What’s it worth to you?

How much money do you think you should be earning online right now based on your knowledge?

$5k a month?

$10k a month?

$30k a month?

I don’t know but you do.

How much do you want to be earning online?

What would that mean for you?

Would it mean you could quit your 9-5?

Would it mean your wife could quit the job she hates?

Would it mean you could take a long vacation 2x a year?

What would it mean for you?

What would it mean for you if you could get to your desired income fast?

Whatever it is, $10k a month, $30k a month whatever.

I don’t know what that is.

You do.

What would it mean for you?

The thing is, you’re not making that now.

But you should be.

How does that make you feel, knowing that you could be making it right now?

What would you do with the extra $10k a month?

How does it make you feel knowing that you are leaving $10k a month on the table?

Now, I can’t promise a specific number.

If you don’t show up for the calls, and you don’t let me push you, it won’t happen.

And if you don’t show up for the calls, I will ask you to leave so someone else can take your place.

But if you participate, and connect with the others in the roundtable, and you let me guide you and hold you accountable, you can achieve amazing things.

Now, here’s the thing, I believe this could easily be worth $1,000 a month to get this kind of access to me, with the accountability.

And I believe I could fill a 20-seat class at $1,000 a month pretty fast.

And let me ask you this:


If it WERE $1,000 a month and you got the results you want, it would be worth every penny, right?

My guess is it would be.

The question is, are you willing to show up and participate?

If so, I’ve decided to make this roundtable mastermind just $397 per month, you can cancel anytime, you can do the 1 hour blueprint, get incredible results the first month and then cancel, or you can stay in as long as you want.

Now, you and I both know this is going to make a huge difference in your life.

And the sooner you get in, the faster you will get results.

The faster we can do your first blueprint call, and the faster I can start holding you accountable.

Charter Pricing for First 10 Clients: Instead of $397 a month, you get in for just $197, this is first come – first served, so if you want $197 instead of $397 a month, get in now before the first 10 slots are filled:


Enroll in 10x Roundtable

As soon as you enroll, send me an email, tell me EXACTLY what you want to accomplish in the next 6 months, and tell me what days and times will work for you for the Roundtable call – I will prioritize times in a first come first served way, and please be as liberal as possible so I can come up with a time that works for EVERYONE!

Here’s the bottom line: this is a brand new call, you will be one of the first clients in it, so what YOU need will be prioritized, as opposed to other coaching calls where things are sort of . . .set the way they are.

There will simply be extreme flexibility in making this the kind of training that will GET YOU the results you are looking for.

If you have any questions before you enroll, send me an email quickly, because once there are 20 people signed up, I will close down enrollment.

Anyhow . . . if you want to work very closely with me, but not pay as much as 1-1, go ahead and sign up now . . . you can stay in for a month or two, or 10 or 12, whatever you want, there is no long-term commitment!

I look forward to working with you!

Sean Mize