Charter Access – 10 Trainings

Congratulations for Choosing the 2017 Charter Access Package!

As mentioned, these are unreleased, and I’ll be adding them to this page at the rate of at least one per week (and plan to have at least 2 loaded by tonight!):

1) The Advanced Sales Funnel Blueprint ($97)

–> The 4 Advanced Components of Your Modern Sales Funnel

–> How to Create a 12 Product Sales Funnel in Only 3 Hours a Week

–> Advanced Psycho-Selling to Take Your Profits to a New Level!

Access the training here: Advanced Sales Funnel Blueprint

2) The High-Level Infobusiness for 2017 (this is the Secret Shift I mentioned in January) ($297)

–> The problem with infobusiness selling the old way (pre-2016)

–> The solution – and the big shift in 2017 – to take your infoselling 10X

–> The entire deep and high-level infobusiness model I personally use


The Business Model – The Why and the Shift

The Business Model – Implementation

How to Create a Credibility Campaign

Create Training Specifically for Subscriber Needs

Write Copy That Blends into Credibility Campaign

Natural Conclusion Sales Funnel

3) The 2017 Big Traffic Training – Traffic Training That Flat-Out WORKS in 2017 ($297)

–> Unlimited Visitors Traffic Model

–> Blogging in 2017

–> Relationship Traffic That is Highly Profitable


Traffic Deep Dive – Reality

Intro to Relationship Traffic

Blogging With Donna and David

Unlimited Visitors to Your Site

1000 Subscribers a Month

Viral Traffic

4) How to Blueprint Your Entire Year of Business In One Sitting ($197)

–> The Most Important Part of Your Blueprint

–> How to Actually Motivate to DO your Blueprint

–> How to Implement Your 52 Week Blueprint FAST

Blueprint Training

5) How to Launch a One-Year Coaching Program ($300)

–> The Components of a One-Year Coaching Program

–> How to Build your One-Year Coaching Program

–> The Special Coaching Program Selling System

How to Launch a One-Year Coaching Program

6) How to Sell on the Fly (This is Critical For Generating Cash Flow in Your Business TODAY) ($200)

–> How to Create a New Profitable Offer Each and Every Week

–> How to Create Cash Flow Paydays

–> How to Get Ideas for Your Cash Flow Paydays

How to Sell on the Fly

7) InfoProducts Complete A-Z (Brand New 10 – Part System for Your Infobusiness Profits) ($2197)

–> There are 10 parts, here are 3 of them:

–> Intensive Sales

–> Psychology of Devotion

–> Easy Way to Write Your Sales Letter

1) Infotraining Lesson 1

2) Infotraining Lesson 2

3) Infotraining Lesson 3

4) Infotraining Lesson 4

5) Psychology of Devotion

6) Write Your Sales Letter

7) Coaching Call

8) Coaching Call

9) Traffic and Sales

10) Sales Intensive


8) The Big Business Training Program (This was originally a 6 week live class) ($297)

–> How to Get Viral Traffic For Your Big Business

–> The plugins you need to run your Big Business

–> How to Get the Big Idea for Your Big Business

Big Business Consolidation Model

Big Business First Class: Intro and Get Started

Big Business 2nd Class: Plugins

Big Business 3rd Class

Big Business 4th Class: Viral Traffic

Big Business 5th Class: Launching Your Membership

Big Business 6th Class: Writing Your Email Campaign

9) Build a High-Value Membership and Scale it to 1000 Members – ($500)

–> How to Scale to 1000 Members Fast

–> What to Include in Your High-Value Membership

–> Step by Step to Building Your High-Value 1000 Member Membership

Membership Training

Membership Sales Letter

Membership Pre-Selling Emails

10) The Brand New As-Of-Yet-Unnamed Coaching Program Training From Sean Mize – my up and coming Flagstaff Coaching Training That May Sell For as Much as $3000!

–> The New Coaching Program Creation System – the Easiest System Yet from Sean Mize

–> The Ultimate 3-Pronged Coaching Program Selling System

–> How to Sell Your Coaching Program as YOUR Flagstaff Training Program

10 Day Coaching Program

Coaching Enrollment Question System Part 1

Coaching Enrollment Question System Part 2

Coaching Enrollment Question System Part 3 – Closing