birthday hike 42 years

I wanted to share with you a few pictures from our hike yesterday . . .

We hiked Herman Gulch near the Continental Divide –

We hiked 3 miles to the Jones Pass turnoff, then hiked about 2 1/4 miles to the Continental Divide, topping out at 13,102 feet according to our iphone app –

Here are some pics:

Me and Maryann in the valley about 1 mile into the hike:

Sean at 13,106


Here is Cricket and her favorite element . . . snow! (about 12,900):

At the end of the hike, we had to carry Cricket for a ways ’cause she tore one of her pads. She hates being carried, but she was fine with it this time!

We only carried her about a mile . . . she was much better after the break, but when we got home we saw she had a big blister under one of her pads . . . She’s normally great on these hikes, but we haven’t hiked as much this year, so her pads haven’t had a chance to toughen up as much as usual.

Anyhow, we all had a great time, the dog especially, as her favorite activities are catching snowballs and chasing squirrels and other rodents, and she got to do both today!

Anyhow, hope you are having a good day!

— Sean