How to Design Your Blueprint Business



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As you know, one of the things I've been discussing lately is the idea of the reverse funnel. The key isn't that 1-1 coaching has to be the "anchor" but more that SOMETHING high ticket or high-credibility has to be the anchor.


I recommend listening to all the tracks in the order in which they are placed on this page.

(The following 2 tracks are extracted from a coaching call, and aren't editted. . . so a little unorganized, but I believe that listening to them will set an incredible frame for the current internet environment and your necessary response to succeed):

Intense Discussion on How the Internet Is Changing and Expert Positioning is Critical

How to Position As An Expert in Your Niche

Training on the Importance of Positioning as an Expert First:

Introduction (Listen to this First)

30,000 Foot Advanced Overview

Additional Clarification of Guru Model

The following 4 tracks are excerpts from another program, so will reference additional training in that program . . . just ignore those references, and focus on the concepts in these:

Introduction (Purpose) (Crucial Training, Listen First)

Clearly Defined Need

Website Based on Mission

Discussion About Structure of the Business (Critical Training)


The following 2 tracks are only relevant if you are going to create multiple coaching programs or a specific high ticket "coaching program"; some of you are working on a single mentoring program etc that won't incorporate everything below, anyhow, they are short recordings, and will likely give you ideas no matter what you are working on exactly:

Ultimate High Ticket Package Components

Reverse Funnel Training







-- Sean Mize

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