How to Deal With Your Children When They Are Interrupting Your Work Online

Do you ever think, “How do I deal with my
 children, who insist on getting 
my attention when I am working?”

Ok, I’ll admit, I didn’t really want to do 
this topic. But if I didn’t this training would 
really be incomplete. Because I think children are about the 3rd biggest distraction to building your 
business (incessant emails and spouses are the 
top 2).

And I also know that in this email I am going to
 offend people. Maybe you.

You see, in the prior emails, it’s been about
 you, or in the email about your spouse, it 
was a clear cut solution.

And I didn’t have to call your problem (ok here 
it comes) with your spouse not letting you 
work in peace for what it really is…a boundary 
issue in your life and theirs.

Because I just gave you a solution that works.

But the reason that it works is that it 
re-establishes boundaries in your relationship
 with your husband or your wife. By choosing
 to spend less, but more efficient, time online, 
and more, more focused time with them.

And it is the same with children.

You see, children need boundaries.

They need to know what is ok and what is not. Of 
course a problem occurs when nothing is OK.

Just like with your husband or your wife, if you spend ALL
 your time online, then they feel jilted,  jealous, 
like you don’t care about them, so on.

So they nag and bug you incessantly, stopping
 only when you stop working online to 
give them attention.

And the bugging works. You stop, they get attention.

So how do you change this?

Ok, let me say this first…I’m no child 
psychologist. But there are plenty of great
 parenting books out there that deal with the boundaries 
issue…and if you are struggling with this, you need
m ore than an email from me. I suggest you go 
to amazon and spend $100 on some books
 on the topic. You won’t agree with everything
 you read, but after reading 5 – 10 books on the 
topic of boundaries and children, you will find 
yourself much more empowered to create boundaries
 and get excellent results from them.

But…having said that…I know I can’t leave you 
hanging with no solution. But please understand 
this isn’t going to be as clear but as the spouse
 solution I gave in the last email.

The idea here is going to be similar as with your spouse.

If your children are old enough to listen to reason,
you will use the same technique as with your spouse, 
it goes something like this:

“Johnny, mommy has been spending a lot of time
on the computer lately, and not enough time with you, right?

“But I’d like to change that. So instead of working for hours
 and hours at a time, we’re going to alternate. You and
I  can do anything you want for an hour, then I’ll work for
 an hour and you’ll do whatever you want by yourself. Then I’ll
 spend an hour with you, and so on.

“Would you like that?

“Ok, great…the only thing is, for this to work, mommy’s not
 going to answer her phone every time it rings when we
 are playing, you like that? And in exchange, when I’m working 
for the hour, you aren’t going to interrupt me. That’s a fair exchange,


Here’s the thing…depending on the age of your child (and 
how out of control your boundaries are) this will work.

Of course, it may need to be repeated and reinforced, and your 
normal methods of behavior modification might have to be invoked some initially, and of course you MUST hold
 up your end of the bargain. If you agree not to answer your 
phone when playing, you CANNOT. If you do, you destroy all trust. And
 then this won’t work.

And might I repeat…if all this is new to you…buy a few 
books TODAY on amazon.

Now, if your child is younger than able to understand
 what I’ve just shared, then I suggest you get a few 
books on parenting with boundaries, and learn the 
techniques. Although you should be getting a fee l
for how “boundaries” work in life, with your spouse,
your children, and others, the complete concept 
and philosophy of boundaries is too much for 
a few emails from me…and I truly suggest
 you invest in a few books on the topic…just 
go to amazon and search for “boundaries and parenting”
and invest $100…it will be well worth it when 
your entire life becomes more “under control” as 
you implement boundaries throughout your life.

In fact, as I write this, I realize that having firm 
boundaries in my life is one reason I am able
 to be so focused in my entire business.

Having boundaries allows me to work effectively 
amidst family pressures, people constantly sending 
me emails, the phone ringing, and so on.

And I believe that when you master boundaries in
your life…your internet business will come together much easier.

So just do it…buy the books, learn and master the 
boundaries concept in your life…and succeed!