How to Prioritize to Get Maximum Results

And that is really the point of the email yesterday – you just 
don’t do everything.

You see, there are only so many hours in the day – or i n
the time you have set aside to build your business.

So you can’t do everything.

If you do…you only finish the stuff that’s not really important.

For example, what’s more important – to read every 
email in your inbox so you know what’s current in the 
marketing world today?

Or….add 2 hours to your product?

What’s more important – respond to every text that you get when it
comes in – or to write your email campaign


You see, the goal isn’t to get everything done – it’s to get 
the important things done.

What I do is spend the first 2-3 hours of my day on something important.

Like writing my new book.

Or recording a new training.

Or writing a new series of emails.

Things that make money – long term (all of those things are
”do them once…get paid forever” kind of things)
It’s so easy to just over-simplify this process and leave something out.
So to clarify – you focus on what you want to get done, not on
”avoiding your interruptions”.

Meaning that instead of thinking 
”OK, don’t answer the phone, don’t read email, don’t, don’t, don’t” instead
turn the phone off, close your email window, tell your wife or husband you
are going to work for 2 hours and do nothing but the one thing 
you want to accomplish.
Imagine if each day you only worked 2 hours solid, without interruption.
In one week you would have your 10 hour home study course recorded.
The next week you would have 25 emails in your autoresponder campaign.
The next week you would have recorded 10 hours of your coaching program.
The next week you would write 25 articles and post them.
In one month you would have a 10 hour home study course to sell, 
a 10 week coaching program, 25 emails and 25 articles.
What could you do in a year working like this?