Holographic Traffic Generation – ez

As you know, I started out with article marketing online, and it did really well until people started spamming the search engines with articles. But the underground truth is that the search engines still really like content – they just don’t like it when it is blasted out with multiple article directories. And I have found that one of the easiest ways to get traffic online these days is to write content and get it posted on google-friendly sites online.

Many times, on the right site, you can get a new content piece, like a blog post or an article on your website, ranked on the first page in google within minutes after posting (I do this regularly)

Anyhow, I have written a 19-page tutorial teaching you how to find the top 10-20 sites or blogs in your niche to get content onto, and a few more highly powerful, underground tactics. I call it my “Holographic Traffic Method” and you can download it for free now by joining my email list here: