Why Add CP – How to Build a Purpose Filled Business –

Do you feel like you are banging your head against the wall trying to build your online business?

You are creating products and trainings that teach what people need, but folks aren’t buying?

Or maybe you don’t have the traffic you want – and need?

Or maybe you are struggling with figuring out what people really need so they will buy?


If so, perhaps I can help you.

You see, I have discovered that many of the “systems” out there really don’t focus on genuine value. Instead, they are quick-fix solutions to get lots of traffic (that doesn’t want what you have), create fast – action sales pages that use hype instead of value to sell, and other “instant riches” types of things.

Well, you probably know by now those quick-fix solutions don’t work.


What DOES work is genuinely meeting people’s needs, and you having a consistent system to get people to:

1) Visit your site

2) Become engaged and get to know you

3) Decide to buy your training so they can get the results they want


So, how do you put that kind of system in place?


I believe there are 7 Steps building a genuine business like I have just described:

1) Decide you are going to solve a very specific problem in your niche (instead of just trying to “make money”. Instead of just trying to “make money”, instead focus on “meeting people’s needs” and when you do that effectively, and learn how to monetize meeting those needs the way I teach, the money will follow). Sure, this method takes longer. But you are building a real business, not a “flash in the pan”

2) Determine what your real purpose is in helping people in your niche. You see, I believe that everyone has a God-given purpose on this earth, and your internet business needs to be part of that purpose. If you are trying to build a business that is outside of God’s purpose for your life, likely you are just spinning your wheels. Your business must be build inside of your purpose on this earth, and should be all about value to the people you help, instead of just focusing on the money. Like I said, when you build value, then monetize correctly, the money will follow.

3) Find out where the people who have the needs you solve, are spending time online. Where are they? Then go to where they are. Instead of trying to just “drive traffic” and hoping that a percentage of your “traffic” will need what you have, focus on finding where people with the needs you solve are hanging out online, then meet them there and invite them to your site.

4) Create the training that those people want. Instead of creating the products YOU think they want, ask them, and create what they ask for.

5) Give them access to some of your training for free, then for those people who like what you create and want more from you, sell them the rest of the training.

6) Scale your traffic generation (meaning that once you find out where people are hanging out who need what you offer, set systems in place to introduce people to your site. For example, using advertising, blog marketing, and community engagement). Once your visitors are converting to buyers, ramp your visitor generation up so you are getting more and more visitors to your site each day.

7) Create more trainings, more advanced trainings, and coaching programs to further meet the needs of your visitors who need what you have.


I teach this entire system in my brand new training, 7 Steps to Creating a Meaningful Internet Business – I originally planned to sell it for about $97, but have decided instead to give it to you as a gift for trying out my brand new 30 – day email-based internet marketing training program.

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