Your "Teleseminar Selling Coaching Class" Download Page

As you watch the videos and listen to the audios on this page, you will clearly and sequentially begin to be able to craft not only a great offer, but a great theme and selling system for your business!

--Sean Mize


Module 1: How to Create an Offer that Monetizes:


How to Create an Offer That Monetizes


Module 2: Hero's Journey Script Writing For Teleseminars:

Script Writing and Story Boarding

Module 3: Hero's Journey Story Telling

Hero's Journey For Marketing

More Hero's Journey

Module 4: How to Choose a Theme for Your Story

How to Choose a Theme For Your Story

Sample Story Board - Outline and Theme

Module 5: Write an Email Campaign:

Psychology and Conditioning

Outline Campaign Using Story Board

Create Products Fast Screenflow

Technical Implementation

Write an Email Campaign From Your Story


Module 6: Design and Create Coaching Program:


MP3 File


Module 7: Delivery of your Coaching Program:

MP3 File



Module 8: How to Create Your Teleseminar:

Teleseminar Setup and Content

Module 9: How to Sell on Your Teleseminar:

Teleseminar Transition and Close