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"The EXACT Sales Letter, Email Campaign And Teleseminar I Used to Generate $26,975 During In One Month To My WSO Buyers ..."

"It really doesn't matter if you're making $100, $1000 or
$10,000 a month right now ..."

"A very precise STEP-BY-STEP system will show you the true behind-the-scenes secrets to making a fortune by positioning yourself as an online coach ..."

"These templates reveal the EXACT backend selling system to make $400 - $1000 backend sales to WSO buyers!"


"Who Is Sean Mize?"

"Here's Why You Should Listen
Very Carefully!"

Sean Mize went from $0 to $15,347 per month his first year online. He's managed to crack the code and now consistently makes 6 figures per month.

He's the author of the book "Anyone Can Coach", which is now available on Amazon.

He is a Christian productivity, focus and achievement expert who teaches high-level achievement strategies and online monetization methods.

Sean is best known for his presence on the most popular article directory on the planet - Ezine Articles.com. Actually, he's a top player there.

The facts tell it all: S. Mize has published 25,236 articles there and currently is ranking #2 (Keeping the honor to be called "the king of Ezine Articles" for years since very recently).

He's an internet marketing mentor who teaches people how to generate a monthly income online via automated systems and product funnels.

This guy is a true master at what he does. A veteran with 6 years of online experience (since 2006). Has been making a full-time income since.

Today Sean wants to share his knowledge with you and help you make the big steps towards huge profits online.

"Who Is This Product For: ..."

"For people who are making sales on the front end ... but not monetizing well on the backend"

"For people who are Warrior sellers (especially), as well as for WSO non-sellers"

"For people interested in getting proven money-making templates to instantly plug into your own sales funnel"

"For people who want to build an automated system to generate a nice 4-figure monthly income (and beyond that)"

"For people who want to discover the single best way how to make serious amounts of money online!"


From: Sean Mize
RE:     Giving the keys to my back-end coaching system

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

ow would it feel if instead of having to *DO* all the work to create that complete backend - you could just copy and paste and implement it in literally a couple of hours.

Hi, my name is Sean Mize, and quite frankly, most people recognize me from being the #1 author on EzineArticles.com (am #2 as I'm writing to you ... which is still very good - agree?).

But I, myself, like to be remembered as an unstoppable action taker. Someone who genuinely wants to help other people. A true results-oriented entrepreneur.

Listen, today I'm not going to talk about my article marketing strategies.

But wait.

I'm going to talk about something much more important...

Stop Leaving Money On The Table
...By Not Having A Profitable Immediate
Backend In Place!

Here's the thing: if you are currently selling warrior offers, or other low ticket offerings, a percentage of the people who buy from you would invest at $387 - $1000 or more within 21 days.

I know, because I have made dozens of backend $387 - $1000 sales (to low ticket warrior buyers).

I've done it on multiple products, with multiple offers, and over multiple time frames.

It's tested and true.

And if you aren't making higher ticket backend sales to your front end warrior buyers, you are just plain old leaving money on the table.

And I'm not talking about $37 a month upsells, or OTO's - you can keep all those in place, and make that front end OTO guaranteed revenue.

What I'm talking about is...

... having a powerful backend email campaign in place...

... that builds trust and gets people to WANT to invest with you at higher prices.

I'm talking about...

... having an easy-to-administer coaching program...

... that has automated lessons and people pay you $1000 upfront or $97 or $197 a month.

I'm talking about...

... having a 100% autopilot webinar or teleseminar...

... that people buy from like clockwork, automated in your system (my current winner converts at about 15% to $387 ON AUTOPILOT).

That means I am making $387 on autopilot, people listen to the recorded call, and they buy using an automated sequence.

And the coaching is sold 100% on autopilot as well.

Do you want to get the keys to my automated, completely reliable and insanely profitable money making system?

I hope you ARE, because, here's what's really important...

"If I Sense You're The Slightest
Bit Not Serious About This, Then ..."

Look it: if what I've just been talking doesn't get you excited...

... if it doesn't make you really excited...

... that you can have a 100% automated backend that you just plug into your existing front end, and get additional sales on autopilot, please don't continue reading.


But if this excites you, and you want to implement this in your business, read on.

You are going to be amazed at how easy it is.

It's Taken Me Over 3 Years
To Test This System!

Now check this out: It's taken me over THREE YEARS to test, tweak, and develop each of these cookie-cutter template elements that I use every day in my own business.

I'd love to be able to tell you that creating your own backend is going to be the easiest, smoothest thing that's ever happened to you.

It's not.

Look, it's taken me 3 full years to get all of these elements in place in my business. Testing, tweaking, cutting out what didn't work, figuring out the psychology of what does.

And you are getting the latest iteration of that testing and tweaking.

But you aren't me.

Meaning that you will have to customize the emails, the coaching sales letter, the teleseminar, so that it tells YOUR story, not my story.

You're going to have to have faith to upload 21 days worth of emails, make 100 WSO sales, and count the revenue that happens. Then tweak and make some adjustments.

And if you are looking for something simpler than that, you just won't have something that is personalized to YOU and will get you the best results for YOU.

But if you want to have a proven template starting-point that you can customize for your own business, I think you might like this, and want to get it before the price goes up.

Or I realize I've lost my mind for letting this go for less than $2000 - $3000.

"Let's Now Get Into The
Hard-Core Specifics!"

Are you 100% sure you understand what I've said so far?

What am I saying?

Here's the point: I want you to be absolutely certain that you grasp what I'm trying to tell you here. This message is too important to read with a semi-conscious state of mind.

Probably, some of you folks are reading this being tired, having worked-out or distracted by family and friends.


I don't want for you to take my message lightly, because I've maybe failed to answer some of the important inner-mind questions you have, while reading this.

Therefore, I'm going to explain it another time...

Hope you'll have that revealing AHA moment this time!

Here it goes:

Your IMMEDIATE backend sales - sales occurring within 2-21 days after your WSO buyer makes his first purchase - is the most important part of your profit equation.

Here's why:

You have probably already mastered the front end and the initial upsell for your WSOs.

For example, 10% conversion on $10 product, then 30% conversion on a $37 upsell. That will yield you about $20 total revenue front end + OTO and even more if you have multiple upsells.

But that's foundational.

Let's move on.

What if you could make 100 front end sales for $1000, then 30 $37 OTOs for another $1000 . . .

AND then make 5 MORE sales for $387 in your immediate backend?

I don't mean 6 months down the road.

I mean within 21 days.

An ADDITIONAL $2000 within 21 days.

And what if you could add ANOTHER 5 clients at $100 a month, for an ADDITIONAL $500 a month - let's call it 4 months retention - ANOTHER $2000.

This brings your WSO backend to $40 per subscriber within 21 days.

Now, that's just an example.

You might be able to do better than that.

Or maybe you'll make $20 a subscriber in your IMMEDIATE backend.

In either case, would that make a difference for you in your business?

I talk with a lot of Warriors who tell me that would make all the difference in the world, that it would mean that they could scale to unbelievable levels.

Some people are making 100 - 1000 100% commission affiliate sales each month, and squeaking out a $10 per buyer OTO net profit. Or a little more.

What would $20 - $40 per WSO buyer in the next 20 days mean for you?

If it won't make a difference, if you are already generating those kinds of numbers, this isn't for you.

If you are opposed to creating a 12 week coaching program with 12 recorded lessons, then get on the phone once a month for an hour and take live questions, this isn't for you.

If you don't want a 21 day automated campaign that sells your $400 and $1000 products on the backend, this isn't for you.

But if you want those things...

But what is holding you back is that you simply don't have the coaching sales letter, you don't know what to write in the emails, you don't know how to create a webinar or a teleseminar that sells a $400 training, then this might be just right for you.


'WSO Sellers Backend Templates'

"My Step By Step Cookie Cutter Templates ... Which Reveal the EXACT Backend Selling System I Personally Use to Make $400 - $1000 Backend Sales to WSO Buyers!"


Everything I personally use to generate a whopping $400 - $1000 backend sales is right here. Just at your fingertips.

Let's take a closer look at each component in greater detail ...

Component #1:
My Very Own $1000 Coaching
Program Sales Letter

"A Total Cookie-Cutter Live Example"

I will share with you the ACTUAL sales letter I personally use to generate $1000 clients.

Now, this is going to be a LIVE page to my $1000 program (actually I use high-level psychological psychobabble crazy pricing so it's really $984 and no change) - and you can feel free to copy or use as much of it as you want, or don't want.

Use it as an example of what works. Take out what you don't like. Add in what you are good at.

Component #2:
My Very Own 21-Day Email

"These Are The Same Templates
That Convert Like Crazy"

Now, obviously this shares some of my own experiences, so you'll want to edit each email so it reflects . . . YOU, but other than that, this is practically cookie cutter.

Just edit the emails (takes less than one hour) to reflect YOU and you are ready to upload them to your autoresponder.

Just plug the url of the coaching letter you write based on mine and others you use as swipes and I guarantee sales will come in on autopilot - making you backend money with no additional effort.

Component #3:
My Exact Teleseminar/Webinar That Is Currently Converting at ~15% to $387

"...So You Can See What's Working Today"

This is the same teleseminar/ webinar, which is currently converting at ~15% to $387. I include this because I want you to see the exact video I'm using at the moment.

I want you to model this video. And I want you to use a very similar version of your own... to achieve similar or even higher conversion rates with it.

Bottom line: This is everything I used. And this is everything *YOU* will need to do just the same thing - make anywhere from $400 - $1000 to WSO buyers!

"Here's What Some Of My Students
Say About Me ..."

Want proof? Here's what a few successful marketers say about me and my expertise in coaching.

"Sean Mize is a marketing genius!"

“Sean Mize is a marketing genius. Now, I don't mean genius in the sense of Albert Einstein.

I mean that he does something that very few marketing consultants are able to do: he gives you advice that actually works. I know.

I followed his advice on article marketing and my business grew significantly and within a short period of time.

The other thing about Sean is that he can be trusted -- this, too, is a rare characteristic in the business world today, online or offline.

Sean will do what he says and he will do it with integrity and professionalism. If you need marketing advice that works, listen to Sean Mize.”

Wayne Davies


"It's been a privilege to work under his guidance
on a number of occasions

“Many years ago, when I was a bound apprenticed clockmaker, we worked under those we called 'Mastermen.' They were experts in all aspects of the trade.

Sean Mize is precisely the same, but in modern times and in a different 'trade.' It's been my privilege to work under his guidance on a number of occasions . . . all of which have taught me something I'd never have learned elsewhere.

While he's a leader and frontrunner in most aspects of Internet trading, nevertheless he always has time for the little man with his little problems. I'm an old man now, and I've worked under many leaders. Only a very few had the qualities to be found in Mr. Mize.

Honesty, integrity, care and compassion for his students and customers, but above all, an innate ability to impart his vast knowledge in a way understandable to novice and expert alike. I'm proud to add my name to any document that bears his own”

Mike Bond


"We were flummoxed...trying to
sort through all the noise

“Sean Mize proved a great choice as an internet coach. We read, analyzed and struggled to find the right internet coaching guru for over 2 years. We were flummoxed...trying to sort through all the noise.

Sean Mize provided a common sense, practical and unique approach, which fits our needs. His on the ground experience as a pioneering entrepreneur makes him an excellent resource for the rookie or a veteran.

His online coaching is very useful, plus if you miss the call, within minutes you receive a recording of the coaching call...which is simply an added wow factor to his coaching.

Mike Krutza and Jodi Wiff
Lighthouse Leadership


"The single most helpful person and mentor
I have found online

“Sean is the single most helpful person and mentor I have found online. If you work hard he will work hard for you.

He not only knows how to help you with the tools he knows, he has the ability to think with you right in the moment and solve problems he has not encountered himself.

His knowledge base is incredible and the results you will get from working with him are phenomenal! If you want to grow your internet marketing business, Sean is the man who can help you do it.”

Lynn Moore

These are the testimonials of some of my best students, which have ended up making a decent income, by using the same strategies I'm about to give you.

No reason in the world why you can't accomplish the same ...earn the same very comfortable $10,000 a month income and even more.

Of course, there's something you want to know.

Now at this point you're probably wondering ...

What's The Price For This?

These templates could save you thousands (or tens of thousands) of dollars and YEARS of time and frustration. In fact ...

I would have happily paid $1,000 or more, to get my hands on these templates if I were still gathering knowledge and digging 'the gold', looking up the information about how to create your very own profitable coaching program.

So I'm not going to charge $1,000. Nor $499.00. Not even $99.00.

The price of my entire 'WSO Sellers Backend Templates' (which includes my sales letter template, email template, teleseminar/ webinar video training) is just $37.00!

Which is an absolute bargain when you think about it. A mere drop in the ocean when you consider the life-changing, income-generating information it contains.

The success it could bring you, along with the pain and frustration it could save you, makes this course worth at least 10 times your investment price. Don't you agree?

Here's a little gift ...

Bonus Gift (Worth $97.00) Absolutely FREE!

FREE Bonus: (Valued At $97)

How to Write a Sales Page for a $1000 Training or Coaching Program (audio file)

If you'll have some questions about my sales letter for the $1000 coaching program, then this audio will answer some of the most important aspects.

You'll be able access it and listen to it any time of the day.

Remember, this is available only if you act today and get the 'WSO Sellers Backend Templates' right now.

Next time, when you see this page, the gift could be gone for good!

"Put It To The Proof
And Then Decide!"

I'd like to do something else, to make your decision to secure these templates.

I want you to be 100% certain this product is a MUST for you, that it is absolutely necessary for you to achieve your online success.

Especially, if you've already made the decision to grab my exact system, I've a little something, which will add even more to your certainty in this offer.

See below...

You Can "Test Drive" My Templates For
One Full Year (365 Days) Risk Free!

That's right. You can "test drive" the 'WSO Sellers Backend Templates' for a FULL 365 days.

Here's what you need to do. Grab a copy of my templates. Watch the videos. Go through the step-by-step instructions.

And if after one full year (365 days), you're not 100% satisfied that you've accomplished all your goals, then simply email me with a short note asking for a refund. And I'll immediately and cheerfully refund your money.

Plus, I'll even allow you to keep all of my templates and bonuses, just because I want to thank you for giving my system an honest try.

Could I possibly be more generous? I don't think so. I truly believe this will be the easiest and most

You Have Two Choices

Here is what I mean: I'm very certain that 1 month, 2 months or even 3 months from this day (when you're reading this) - you'll be pretty close to where you are now.

I'm talking here about your income.

Now, I'm not saying this to put you down, but let's be honest. 95% of all people who dream about becoming rich with internet marketing - never reach their goal. Why is that?

Because they fail miserably at implementing and taking action. They fail to actually do the steps outlined in a product.

I promise you: these exact templates and videos are all you need for now to start making serious money online as a coach.

All *YOU* have to do is - invest in my product today, grab my templates, watch my videos and model all of my system for your needs.

If you do this, then I promise you'll have a 99.99% chance at succeeding with this and start making at least $1,000's of dollars this or the next month. And rinse and repeat it for years.

So do it now. Push that order button. Grab a copy of my templates and videos today. You'll thank me later!

Order Your Copy Now Before The
Price Goes Up Significantly ...

Yes, Please Give Me INSTANT ACCESS To The Entire 'WSO Sellers Backend Templates' Special Package

I Want To Download This Immediately Before
The Price Goes Up Anytime Now!

I understand I'll be downloading the entire 'WSO Sellers Backend Templates' Special Package for a tiny one-time payment of just $37.00 when I act now!

I also realize I have nothing left to lose, since you're generous enough to offer me a FULL 365-day money-back guarantee if I'm unsatisfied in any way.

Here's What Will Happen
If You Don't Order Now!

Hear this: I don't want to be pushy, but here's the unmistaken simple truth about human nature!

Humans are good at learning, but they're very lousy at taking action on what's the most important next step for them.

I want you to change that attitude right now - this very second!

I'm telling you, grab this package this very minute (while it's still available) and start implementing on it as soon as possible, because you know what?

You'll be maximizing your chances at least by 10-times to succeed online (compared to the average person).

Remember, the clock is ticking already...

To Your Prosperity,

Sean Mize
WSO Coaching Expert

P.S. How would your life change if you could consistently generate $20 or more per subscriber that comes onto your list? In fact, the process I share with you in this template system is something I no longer sell main-stream - and may remove it from the market completely after this test is over. If you want my secrets to converting on the backend . . . get this now!

P.P.S. Also, you're protected by my RISK-FREE 100% Money Back Guarantee. Test drive the whole package (templates, sales letter and videos) for a FULL 365 days. If you're not 100% satisfied, simply let me know and you'll be issued a full refund. No questions asked.


P.P.S. here is the download link to the coaching program launch course: Coaching Program Launch Course