For Beginners Only: The Truth About Internet Marketing

A note from my heart.

My greatest desire in my business is to show others the way to a full time income online.

You see, I’ve made it. Five years running.

And don’t get me wrong, if no one buys anything, I wouldn’t.

It would stop immediately.

But there are predictable things that happen when someone moves through the scientifically designed funnel I have created over the course of the last 5 years.

10% of subscribers, buy from me. About 12% of those invest an average of $1000, many clients literally thousands.

That’s from pre-created products.

I’ll get back to that in a sec.

Because that’s not what this letter is about.

It’s about my desire to show others the way to a full time income online.

I personally believe that anyone can do it.

I believe that there are a few key reasons why people don’t:

They don’t know what to do.

They are told by others to go into their “heart’s desire” niche, but aren’t told the reality of the fact that if you are selling something no one wants, no one will buy. Imagine if Walmart started stocking sour milk. No one would buy it, right? And if that was their business model, they would fail.

Just like you might be. You are trying to sell something no one wants. Nobody wants rehashed resold repacked 5 year old plr. Nobody wants to be recommended some affiliate product from someone you don’t know and write in your email “my good friend online is just releasing the best product in 25 years.” Good friend – they just met yesterday. Best product in 25 years – just like the last 100 days of promotion – every day the best product in 25 years?????

They are distracted beyond measure. Beyond measure. 100 emails to read a day. A new fad traffic source ever week that is going to be the “best traffic on earth, you have to get in at the front end”. Right! Yeah, right. Not. A new webinar to watch. A new youtube to watch.

Look, it only takes about 3 hours a day to make a full time income online. But that is 3 hours a day of traffic, products, and coaching. If you sit down to work for 3 hours and spend the first hour reading emails – which don’t make you any money, you spend the next hour learning about some new unproven traffic source, and you spend the next hour wondering what you are supposed to do to make money – then end up buying some program on clickbank that says you just push 3 buttons and set in motion an income machine that will make you $312,789 ever month forever.

Of course you aren’t making money.

So what to do about all this?

Get training from someone who has built a real business. Not a fake pretend business with lots of fake screen shots and fake checks and shiny cars. Real people. People like Marlon Sanders, Yanik Silver, Eben Pagan, Sean Mize 🙂 Real people. Who have been there done that. You don’t see any of us promising overnight riches. Why not? We could all sell more if we did. But we don’t. Because it’s not right. That’s why.

Go into a niche with some real demand. You already know what they are. What do people really want? Think about it. What are the top 10 bestselling books usually about? What are the hottest magazines about? What are people spending their money on?

Let’s list a few: health, love (relationships), and money.

Sounds shallow, doesn’t it?

But go to the local bookstore and you will see.

Or take my word for it.

Now, I don’t care to teach people about relationships. Leave that to Phil McGraw. And there’s a new book out each week about how to lose weight, people are making millions selling weight loss infoproducts, but it’s not my cup of tea. If it is yours – it’s a great niche.

What about money? That’s something that is universally attractive. And let’s face it, in today’s economy, more people than ever want more money. Right or wrong, they do.

And the hottest market around is the internet market. It’s like the Alaska gold rush right now. And who made the real money in the Alaska gold rush? The California gold rush? Not the miners – the folks who sold the shovels and cans of beans, that’s who.

You want to make real money from 2012 – 2017? Learn some basics skill online and start teaching it to people.

Like WordPress. Do you have ANY idea how many people are coming online each day and can’t figure out WordPress and would pay $100 a month for someone like you to help them out?

Like basic blog writing. Same thing. Article marketing. Same thing. Like putting up a squeeze page. Did you know that the single biggest thing people tell me that changes their life when they work with me? Their first squeeze page. Crazy, huh?

Like seo (it just got a lot easier, with the new algorithms).

Like product creation.

Like how to write an ebook (it’s easy, write an outline, start writing).

And it makes me sick that it seems like so many people are telling newbies NOT to go into the internet marketing niches. WHAT???? Why? I don’t know. Maybe they don’t want the competition? I just don’t know.

I think the internet marketing niche is the easiest way to break into the internet and making a killing this year.

This year is here for the taking.

I genuinely believe this is the single easiest way to a full time income online.

That’s how I did it.

Here’s how to do it:

Write a squeeze page.

Write 10 articles a day, put 5 on your site, put 5 on ezinearticles pointing people back to your site. Put a link in each article telling folks to go to   your squeeze page for a free guide.

Write one content email per day to your list. Build trust. Make them love you. Demand your secrets. Ask them what they want to learn. When they tell you, record a one hour audio about how to do what it is they want to learn. If you are teaching something visual like wordpress, record a video showing it. Sell the one hour audio for $37.

Each person that buys the $37 audio, write them an email 3 days after they buy and ask them how things are coming along, do they need help. Help them if they do. 3 days after that, write an email asking if they would be interested if you started a coaching program to show them what to do, and give them access to you each day to ask questions and you can help them. Create a $97 per month coaching program with one lesson every 10 days, and email access when you are online.

It’s that easy.

You can do it.

I know you can.

And by the way – you gotta control distractions. If you are doing something during your work time that is not part of steps 1,2,3, or 4 above, you are wasting time. The actions above, when done consistently, on a daily basis – will get you to a full time income. Will it take 3 hours a day? Yes. Worth it? You tell me. Would it be worth it to work 3 hours a day and make a full time income? If not, stick with the work you are doing. If so, get to work on this model.

It’s the same model I have used for 5 years. It’s the same model my clients use. It’s the model that can make you a full time internet earner. Of course, you can leverage it to more than full time on down the road – but please, just figure out the first $100k before you start trying to make millions!

Folks, I hope this has been helpful.

You see, this message has been burning to get out of me.

Because it hurts me to see so many people struggling to make things happen online, and they are just being deluded by so many lies out there, all the distractions, all the bright shiny objects that distract.

By the way – I told you at the beginning that I would tell you about the concept of making money like clockwork with 10% of subscribers buying then 12% of them buying $1000 on average.

I almost forgot, when I proofread this I saw it. Here’s how it works: In point #3, I told you to create a $37 audio product. A one hour $37 audio product takes one hour to record. Then a sales letter about an hour to write using software for low end products like that. So 2 hours. Just make one each week (2 hours of work per week) and release it to your list. Then once you have 13 products, just put them all in your autoresponder and each week when someone comes onto your list, they get promoted one new product. Write the emails right, and that should get you 10%. Then for the 12% who go on to spend $1000 on average – this is a little more work – you need 2 $1000 programs, each with 10 hours of training. So it will take you a couple of months to make those. And you need a $97 a month coaching program. Aggressively promote both to your buyers.

That’s about it, folks.

Sure, there are a few more nuances you can learn over time. But that’s the basic formula. I’ve been trying for years to boil this down to the simplest way possible to teach people fast. I think in this 5 page document I’ve finally done it!

Sean Mize