How to Write An Email Campaign For Your Coaching Program

If you are selling coaching, you need an email campaign. In fact, if you have an online presence and want to make more sales, you need an email campaign!

In this article, I’ll show you how to write an email campaign through which you can introduce prospects to your coaching.

The first step is to determine what types of emails you want to include in your email campaign.

Here are some types of emails that I recommend:

credibility emails
content emails
engagement emails
content emails
pre-launch emails
selling emails
free gift emails
trust building emails

and so on

Make that list, then determine how many of each you want in the first segment of your campaign, for example:

4 – credibility emails
4 – content emails
4 – engagement emails
4 – content emails
4 – pre-launch emails
4 – selling emails
4 – free gift emails
4 – trust building emails

Then copy and paste that list into a new word processing doc. Then split them up into a sequence, like this:

content email (1)
credibility email (1)
engagement email (1)
content email (2)
free gift email (1)
(maybe add a survey email as well)
pre-launch email (1)
trust building email (1)
pre-launch email (2)
sales email (1)

and so on

Once you have slotted in all the emails you are going to write, then go back and write them all.

One at a time.


All in one document.

The reason you should write it all in one document is so that you can see how the sequence flows. When you go back to edit it in the future, you’ll be able to easily see which emails are where. And easily add in new emails, knowing that they flow nicely with the others in your campaign.

So what do you write in the emails?

I like to keep them simple.

For example, maybe one email is a content email. You could write a 200-300 word article about a topic that no one else in your niche teaches a lot about. And send that as an email.

Or to make it a credibility email, simply write the article, post it to, then link to it in the email.

Or you could write an engagement email, asking a question for your prospects to answer. Then when they answer, be sure and reply, or have your va reply for you. In either case, make sure you remain personable, whether personally or through your va.

Your pre-launch email sequence could ask prospects what they are looking for, announce you are releasing something like that to them in the next few days, and generally prime them for your release.

And then your sales email will tell them about your product or coaching program.

Just write like you would a friend. Don’t worry about using high-falutin sales language, instead focus on connecting at a personal level.

To read more about writing an email campaign, visit my website: How to Write an Email Campaign For Your Coaching Program

In addition, I devote a chapter in my coaching book, to writing a coaching email campaign, including sample emails: Sean Mize’s Coaching Book