Is it Really Important to You to Achieve Your Dreams?

How important is your goal to you?
How bad do you really want it?
Here’s the thing – each day has a finite number of
minutes.  And how you spend each one determines if
or if not you achieve your goal.
Think about that.
If you focus for 1/2 your time on things that are not
in line with your goal….it will take you twice as
long to achieve your goal.
But it’s worse than that.
Because goals feed on momentum.
Meaning that the faster you gain traction for achieving
your goal, the faster you achieve your goal, and the
better the chance that actually do achieve it.
I often hear people say things like “I really want
to achieve (whatever, income, a fitness goal, whatever)” but
there are things I can’t control that get in the way.  They are
things like emails, texts, phone ringing, wife needs
something, husband needs something, kids need something,
kids have no boundaries so they scream incessantly if
they don’t get their way…and on and on.
But here’s what I think:
If your goal is more important than those interruptions, then
you would do anything to avoid those interruptions.
You see, what you spend your time on is what is important
to you.
If you are continuing to allow the ding of a new email
or text coming in to stand in the way of your success,
what you are really doing is making responding to emails
more important than your goal.
Which is actually ok. Because it’s your life.
And at the end of your life, if you would rather say “I answered
29,487,890 emails within 2 minutes each” than “I wrote 3 books,
coached 387 people to success, and empowered thousands to 
greater peace through my trainings” then that’s your
Hey, I GET that if you are an emergency responder that you have
to answer your texts when on call.  But you probably aren’t. And if you
are, you have off time.
And I GET when you say, well I have to spend time with my kids, with
my wife or husband. I GET that.  But wouldn’t it be better to spend
2 quality hours with them where your head is in the game, than to spend
8 hours telling them to go away because they are interrupting you?  Wouldn’t
it better to find ways to develop boundaries with your
children or spouse and end up spending MORE quality time and less 
“interruption time”?
Look, I know you might be angry with me right now.
Because you might be thinking, “Sean, you just don’t know
my situation”. And you are right, I don’t. But I do know this…success
is your choice.  And if whatever you are currently spending time on
is more important than success…keep doing it.
But if you really want success, and it’s really important to you – 
wouldn’t it pay to figure out how to deal with
all the things that hold you back from success?
Here’s the thing…that’s what I’ve done in my life.
One challenge at a time.
I learned how to make a fulltime income online writing
ebooks, one book a month.
Then I learned how to make a fulltime income online
coaching clients.
I’ve struggled with answering each email as soon as it comes in.
Because I really want to.
But when I consider the cost…answering every email
that comes in is holding me back from being able to reach
literally millions of people and help them achieve their goals.
Because the distraction of answering every email when it
comes in keeps me from scaling operations to generate hundreds
of thousands of subscribers instead of hundreds.
The distraction of answering every email that comes in keeps me
from starting new businesses, new websites, writing new emails,
writing new books, creating new trainings.
So the question is…how important is it to me?
How important is success to me?
Is it important enough to choose to spend my
time on things that matter?
(It is)
What about you?
What is holding you back?
What is eating your time?
Are you willing to go through the rest of your life
allowing that “time eater” to control you, or are
you going to make a change and choose what you focus
Are you willing to come to the end of your life and
say “I answered texts, I answered emails, I let the kids scream,
I let my family control me” –
Or do you want to come to the end of your life and say “I
changed lives, I spent quality time with my children and
taught them to respect my time, I spent quality time with
my wife and husband, and we had a great life together because
of the deep respect we have for each other, I had the
financial success that enabled me to provide
better for my family, and it allowed me to help
others less fortunate?”

Look, I know this has been…long and winded.
But I don’t know any other way to fully expose to you
my deep thought on this issue.
You see, it’s about more than just “time management” or 
“writing a to-do list” or “eliminating distractions”
it’s about choosing what you succeed it, and simply
achieving your dreams – YOUR dreams, not the 
consequences of your decision to just keep allowing the 
that detract and distract to continue to run your life.
Do you want to be in control of your life and accomplish
your dreams?
Or do you want to allow other things, and other people, to rule
you and accept their domination by…just letting them rule you?
Or do you want to take to task the challenge…how important
is it to you?
How important is your dream?
And are you man or woman enough to make the hard choices – and
follow through – to accomplish that dream?