Watch Sean Mize Build A Brand New Influencer-Maven Business From Scratch in 7 Days

Do you ever get frustrated because you see expert – level businesses out there on the web, positioned as high-powered coaches and industry influencers in your niche, but the only training you can find online about how to get started is “how to create a squeeze page” or “how to start an internet business”?

You know how it is – you want to build a REAL BUSINESS but every training you come across is just some basic training on how to create some kind of one-page minisite?

Like THAT’S really gonna be professional, right?

YOU want to have a professional presence online, like the big players in your industry, right?

And if you don’t – you should!

No disrespect intended, but if you really think you can compete in your niche with a lame squeeze page, 3 articles on your site, and a weak sales letter, you are seriously kidding yourself.

Look, I don’t mean to offend, I’m not a mean person, BUT – the truth is – if you want to compete, you gotta LOOK like the big boys and girls.

And if you don’t – well, it’s no wonder people aren’t buying from you, is it?

And by the way, if you are focusing on “driving traffic” but you don’t have a professional presence when someone gets to your site – well, that traffic is wasted.

Are you driving traffic but no one buys or subscribes?

Maybe it’s not the traffic.

Maybe it’s your site.

Again, I’m not trying to be mean. I’m being real. Please bear with me here.

But I hear it all the time, a client tells me “I tried this traffic and it didn’t work, so I tried THIS traffic, then it didn’t work, so can you PLEASE teach me to drive traffic the way you do.”

So I do. I teach them. And that doesn’t work for them either.

But it works for me and hundreds of others online. And the traffic sources you’ve tried work for other people who have professional businesses.

Traffic isn’t the problem.

What you do with that traffic when it comes to your site is the problem.

Ok, I guess I just lost a whole lot of readers.

If you are still with me, you are one of a few very special people who are tough enough to want to hear the truth, even if it hurts!

So may I continue???

Ok, I will!

Here are the things you need in place in order to position yourself to sell your coaching, your products, your training programs, anything:

1) You need a USP. That’s right – a UNIQUE selling proposition. You MUST differentiate from your competition. You CANNOT teach EXACTLY The same thing as everyone else.

2) You need a professional looking site with 5 critical elements.

3) You need a core training that you are selling for $1000 or more. That’s right, $1000 or more. I can teach you to create that in one day. It can be a coaching program, a training program, or a home study course. And it doesn’t have to have a zillion hours of training. And it HAS to be priced at $1000 or more.  You have to have it. No one wants to learn from someone who just has $10 products. You don’t, do you? Experts, gurus, influencers, and mavens have $1000 products. If you don’t, it proves you are NOT an expert, so people don’t buy your $100 training. Does that make sense? One reason you might not be selling your $100 product EVEN IF IT IS BETTER THAN YOUR COMPETITION is because THEY have a $1000 product and you don’t.

4) You MUST be able to engage with the people who come to your site. That means you have to be able to write or talk. Emails, sales letters, webinars, teleseminars, skype, whatever. You don’t have to do ALL those things at the same time. But you HAVE to be able to communicate clearly. If you don’t know how, you have to learn.

Does that seem like a lot?

It is.

But can you see how important those things are?

And if you don’t have them – people aren’t buying from you.

Which of those components are you missing?


Is it because you don’t know how to do it?

Or maybe because no one has told you they are important?

But they clearly are, right?

That’s right, they ARE important.

And here’s why I think people don’t teach them and tell you about them:

Because they don’t sound EASY.

And EASY sells.

The EASY BUTTON sells.

People fork over $1000 day in and day out for training that promises to be EASY.

You know, just write a quick sales letter and all your problems go away.

Buy this webinar software and all your problems go away.

Just buy this push button software and all your problems go away.

yeah, right.

You’ve probably invested in some of those things.

And you still don’t have an influencer/maven business.

My guess is it’s because you either A) didn’t realize you NEED all those components (you do) or B) you don’t know HOW to do all those components, and hardly anyone is teaching them.

How would it feel to learn those components, how to do them, and put them all into place fast, like in the next week?

If that would feel good, if that’s what you want – to have a REAL influencer/maven business in place in the next 7 days – keep reading.

If you don’t, please pass this on to someone you know who could really benefit from having a real business in place in the next 7 days.

Not a cookie cutter, 2 page website that doesn’t make any sales.

A real business.


So here’s some background:


Recently I brainstormed and masterminded a brand new website and influencer business.

And in 7 days I not only created it, but I recorded directions and videos for everything I did, where you can watch me build a brand new influencer/maven website and complete business from scratch.

The website was made using easy wordpress software on a new domain name.

I used a special theme and 2 special plugins to design the site.

It has the essential 5 core components that EVERY influencer/maven website MUST have in order to be successful.

It has a unique selling proposition that NO ONE is using.

It sells a $1000 or more training program or coaching program, to be designed next week.

And everything else an influencer/maven site needs to be successful.


Now, the thing is, most of the time when someone like me comes around and builds something like that . . . we don’t announce it ahead of time. Except maybe to create some kind of suspense.

But we don’t want anyone to see behind the scenes how it is done.
It’s like it’s some big secret in the industry.

The gurus don’t want you to know all the ins and outs of their business behind the scenes.

Oh!, sure they tell you that they will show you the 7 step blueprint.

But it’s not what they are really doing.

They tell you to “choose a niche,” “create a squeeze page,” “write a sales letter,” “make a blog,” and “drive traffic.”

But you’ve tried all that, and it doesn’t work quite like the gurus tell you, does it?

THEY didn’t use that 7 step formula for THEIR business, but they are selling it to YOU as “the formula”

Somethings fishy here, right?

What they REALLY do is what I shared with you earlier in this letter.

They build a REAL influencer business to SELL YOU the “7 Step Formula” that they DON’T use themselves.


So as I was strategizing this new website and influencer/maven business, I thought, why not just open up my entire business model – the entire planning phase, all the components that will go into the business, and every step of creating a new business – starting with a new domain name and everything – from scratch in 7 days or less . . . and let you watch me do it right along the way?

Then you could see EXACTLY how it is done, step by step!

You’d see EXACTLY what I do.

You’d see me do the following:

1) Create a USP that differentiates me from my competition in this new area.

2) You’ll see me create a brand new website with the 5 critical elements that every influencer/maven site MUST have

3) You’ll see me design – AND CREATE a $1000 training in less than 7 days

4) You’ll see me create an entire engagement system for my new business, and get it into full operation.


At the end of 7 days, you will have SEEN ME do EVERY step necessary for a complete influencer/maven business.

How would that make a difference for you, in YOUR business, if you could SEE me do every step from beginning to end?

Would you be able to just copy what I do and do it yourself, if I made it super-easy and you could follow right along?

In fact, I could just challenge you to go along and follow along and just DO each step AS I DO IT, each day, right?

For example, on day 1 I am going to buy a domain name and create a USP. And of course, I’ll tell you how I decide on a USP.

And then I will create the website in just a few short hours with wordpress, and I’ll show you exactly how I do it.

Then I’ll create the $1000+ training program and you’ll see how easy I make it.

Then I create a sales page for the training program, and I’ll show you how I write the sales letter.

And so on.

EVERYTHING I do to build a genuine influencer/maven business in 7 days or less.


How would it feel to have your OWN influencer/maven business up and running in 7 days?

How would your life change if you had your OWN $1000 training program for sale in the next 7 days?

How would your life change if you had a COMPLETE business up and running in the next 7 days, instead of some disjointed squeeze pages, articles, and a sales page?

How would it feel to be positioned as a REAL influencer/maven in your niche, and have people WANTING to learn from YOU?

And have others asking to interview YOU instead of you asking to interview THEM?


What would it be worth to you to have all that?

Here’s thing, I know that folks out there are selling training programs to do any ONE of the elements I am going to show next week for $1000 to $5000.

And I don’t know of ANYONE who shows the ENTIRE process from beginning to end from the perspective of being able to WATCH it instead of just telling you in hindsight what they DID.


So clients in the future will pay $1000 to watch me – in retrospect – do what I am going to do in real-time next week.

Now, right now as you read this – I’VE ALREADY DONE IT – and recorded it all – which gives you a HUGE advantage because instead of having to show up for live calls, or wait until I record it all – you’ll get all the recordings on a single download page – and you can see EVERYTHING I did in one day if you want!

And you can start following along from the very beginning – right now!


But what I have decided is that for the next 3 days:

instead of $1000 which is what the training is easily worth when the entire influencer/maven site is complete –

Because you are a coaching client, Total Access Member, or subscriber, instead of $1000 like this training can be sold for after it is created, if you are one of the first 20 17 people to enroll:

you will only invest $100 to get into this 7 day coaching program and see everything behind the scenes, right along as I do it, day by day, and you can follow right along and build your own new influencer/maven business at the same time.

That’s it – $100 to see the entire beginning-to-end influencer/maven business created from scratch and you get to watch right along.

The only thing I ask is that you will send me a video testimonial with a link to your new business so I can have testimonials on my new site testifying that my 7 day method WORKS!

And I personally challenge you to copy what I do – as I do it – and in 7 days YOU TOO will have your own brand new influencer- maven business.


So if you want to follow right along with me next week – here’s what you need to do:

1) Enroll now for $100:

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2) Follow along each day and DO WHAT I DO!


Congratulations on choosing to join this 7 day coaching program and following right along!


By the way, perhaps you are thinking, how is Sean going to deliver this?

It will be a combination of video, audio, and print.

Here’s why: there is no sense in having video running for 40 hours when some tasks would take 5 mins to explain but 5 hours to DO.

But when I do something that you need to SEE like installing a certain plugin, then I’ll turn the video on.

Or when I show myself writing a sales letter – I’ll turn the video recorder on.

And when I have something to TEACH in words – I’ll do it in audio.

And if there is something you need to READ – it will be print.

So video, audio, and print.


Well, that’s it for me –

If you want to follow me along as I create a brand new influencer/maven business from SCRATCH, get enrolled now: 

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