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Unlimited private label rights to all 22 WSOs -

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--> Anything you want

--> Sell them as is

--> Repurpose them in any way

--> Transcribe and turn into audios or ebooks

--> Record and create your own products

--> Recombine them into multiple different stand-alone products

--> Relaunch them as new products in other formats, or even on the Warrior Forum

--> Anything you want

22 WSOs:

How to Position Yourself as a Guru in Your Niche Fast


How to Automate Your Information Business

How to Structure Your Product Launch and How to Test Your Product Launch

Sample Scripted Funnel

How to Create a Product Funnel Fast

The Easy Way to Create Products Fast

Additional Product Creation Methods

Fast Sales Letter Writing Sample and Instructions

Word for Word Dictation of an Email Campaign - 100% Easy to Copy in Your Niche!!

Summary of Automated Marketing Concepts

Bonus Recording 1

Multiple Entry Points (Advanced Only)

Bonus 3 - Fear of Perfection

How to Master Your Time With Action and Goal Management Instead of Time Management

First Month Game Plan - 4 Products in One Month Overview

Introduction to Traffic Mastery in Your Niche

Introduction-Building a Customized and Mazimized Content Network For YOUR Business

Bonus: How to Master a Traffic Source

 Advanced Content Marketing With Multiple Sites

How to Compete in Saturated and Competitive Markets

How to Use Article Marketing for Search Rankings

How to Target Your Marketing so That The RIGHT People for Your Offer Perk Up and Listen and Buy!

Kindle Marketing

Youtube Marketing Primer

How to Write a Blog or Article Resource Box That Converts Like Crazy


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