How to Build a Business Fast Using WSOs

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Now, I’ve written a never-before revealed story about why I switched from ezinearticles to WSOs:

One of the things that has become very clear to me recently is that someone can literally start from scratch and create a business on the Warrior Forum very very fast.

Here’s what happened with me: as you know, I’ve got 25,000 articles over at ezinearticles (you can see what I do over there, here: )

But then last year I discovered solo ads – you know, pay someone $100 and get 50 subscribers, something like that.

And last year that worked really well – and I got addicted to paying $100, $200 a day to get 50-100 subscribers. And I was converting those subscribers quite well – $10- $30 per subscriber.

So I stopped writing articles, fired my writer, the whole jazz. Frankly, I wish I had kept her going. Cause the ROI is really good over there. But the lag time is big – like 90 days or more from the time I write an article till the time it really starts making me money. So since I know how to get subscribers and make money on them in days, it’s hard to invest thousands each month and wait 90 days for results. Therefore, I don’t write the articles anymore.

But then the solo ad market got corrupted. It is just really hard to get them to convert anymore.

So . . . a few months ago (Nov 28th to be exact) I decided to see what I could do on the Warrior Forum for traffic. (I just don’t want to go back to the laborious process of writing articles. I’d rather write things like this to help you directly, instead of articles for traffic, make sense?)

So back to Warrior Forum. Now, I had done some lead- gen over there before, but I wanted to see if I could self-liquidate the leads, since you have to pay $40 to play.

So that’s what I started with.

Then I started figuring out how to make WSOs faster and faster and faster. And I’m down to about 2 hours to write a WSO sales letter and create the product.

So I’ve been averaging about 2 per week.

Anyhow, I believe you can do it too.

I believe you can create a WSO 2 days a week, and launch it, and write the sales letters, and make money with it.

But my guess is the single biggest thing you are missing is the ability to write the sales letter in an hour and create the product in an hour.

‘Cause if it takes you 3 months to write your letter and create your product, it will be hard to make a business out of it.

Imagine if you just start like I did on November 28th, do small WSOs at first, like I did, and then you learn the tricks of the trade and can do 100+ per WSO like I have for the last 2, and one a few before those 2 –

And I think you can, if you just do what I did.

So . . . that’s why I recorded these videos that show me writing a sales letter, creating a product, and launching it, in 2 hours. And since you are on the early bird list, you’ll be the first to get a chance to download them – I’m running it dimesale style, so you’ll get the best price if you are first in, so I’ll send you an email as soon as it launches, so you can get it at the lowest price, before the affiliates start promoting and driving the price up!

And if you want to study my own results for the last 3 months, study this: