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I have put together a special 20-mp3 package with the following topics:

How to Deliver Your Coaching (this is my personal strategy for delivering coaching to
hundreds of clients in just one hour a week - and people get real results) - 49:43

How to Appear as An Expert to Your List - This training teaches you how to
position yourself as an expert to your list - fast - even if you have little or no experience - so they will listen to you and buy from you

How to Easily Create Your Own Continuity Program (Special Method Revealed Inside) - 53:12

How to Develop the Entrepreneurial Mindset to Transition from Offline to Online
(this mindset shift is critical to making a full time income online, without it, you tend to flounder online and not get results)

Real World Example of A Coaching Program: Sometimes all the training in the
world still doesn't make it real to you how easy a coaching program can be - and this training will make it SUPER SIMPLE! - 1:02:32

How to Determine EXACTLY what your market wants to buy. This is little - taught training that is powerful - I dig into an exact process for figuring out what your list will buy, and what your market really needs right now - before you create a product that flops! - 1:10:51

Introduction to Writing a Conversion Campaign: This is my proprietary process for writing an engaging email campaign that converts to buyers because people WANT to do business with YOU - 49:19

How to Match Your Message to Your Market - this is revolutionary training on how to get
higher conversion rates because you are specifically targeting the EXACT people who NEED your product or service -

How to Compete In Saturated or Overly Competitive Markets This is actually a brilliant
(if I may say so myself) training on gaining a powerful strategic edge in today's competitive marketplace - very unique training in here! - 41:20

Advanced Training on How to Write the Emotional Element of Your Sales Page - 40:11

How to Write an Email Campaign Naturally, Without Scripting or Advanced Copywriting - so that you CONNECT with your readers so they BUY from you

Advanced Conversational Email Writing - this is a powerful training where I teach you exactly how to
write an email campaign that rocks - using a conversational tone of voice so you don't have to learn any fancy copywriting or anything like that

How to Find Your World-Changing Purpose So You Can Develop the Passion to Make a Difference -
Look, I'll be the first to admit this sounds lame - but the truth is, if you have a real purpose online, it make selling SO MUCH EASIER! Listen to this and change your mindset about the internet, I promise! - 46:03

How to Become an Expert at Driving Traffic - this teaches you how to maximize your traffic from ANY source that is effective in YOUR niche - 53:03

How to Drive Massive Organic Traffic by Leveraging Multiple Content Sites Online (very easy,
powerful method here, not being taught like this anywhere else) - 34:03

How to Reactivate an Old List - This is a classic training that is critical if you have an old,
stale list that doesn't respond to your emails. This method will get them opening - and reading - your emails - so you can start selling to them again! - 37:55

How to Create Products Using a Paid Teleseminar Series - This is so simple, yet hardly anyone does it!
You can charge your prospects for creating YOUR product - I did this one time with a $97 product and I've sold it maybe 1000 times,
it's one of my most powerful trainings -

Why Info-Marketers Are Struggling to Get Their Businesses Up and Running - Here's the thing: if you are entrenched in the market and have affiliates, you can leverage new launches and make money fast - but if your clients are just starting out - there are some
very specific reasons why they are failing - this training explains how and why - 1:39:00

Long Term Repeat Buyer Monetization - Exactly what the name says - I teach you how to monetize your list long after your initial automated campaign runs out! - 30:26

Content Marketing for 2013 - One of the big questions I get these days is this: does article marketing still work? It doesn't work the old way - duplicate content all over the web. But it is actually EXTREMELY powerful when combined with a strong content system - and this training teaches you how - 38:28


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