WSO Domination Formula – pre-launch

Congratulations, you are registered to get early-bird access to my new WSO Domination Formula when it comes out!

You’ll get an early-bird email so you can get in while the price stays low and before the affiliates start driving traffic and driving the price up  –

And here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll learn when you get the WSO:

“Have you ever thought about running multiple WSOs instead of just trying to hit a home
run once a month?

And maybe in thinking about it, it seems like too much work, or maybe it won’t work?

Well, I’ve proved it will – and I’ll tell you all about it in the WSO –

and in the meantime, think about this:

What if you did that 3 times a week for a month?

That’s 1200 sales.

600 new subscribers.

Subscribers who are buyers.

And if you have an automated email campaign that converts at only $10 per subscriber the first month, that’s $6,000 in backend revenue. Plus the front end sales.

And you don’t even have to ask a single affiliate to promote.

What if you did that week in, week out, for a year?

You’d have 150 WSOs out there, you could bump them at will – and get subscribers all day long.

You could bump each one once a month, and have 150 bumps, make 10 sales per bump, get 1500 new subscribers each month JUST FROM BUMPS!!!

Sure, that’s $40 times 150 = $6,000

But if you make 1500 sales at $10 each sale, that’s $15,000 –

That’s an almost instantaneous return of $9,000 each month! (Instantaneous because you pay for the bump today, you get the sales today and tomorrow, it’s not like paying for advertising where you pay today, get traffic all month)

And that’s just on the bumps!

So all year long, you do 150 WSOs, make 100 sales on each = 15000 sales the first year (plus bumps all along) – that’s $150k at $10 a WSO! Or $105k at $7 a WSO –

Well, that’s all for now –

If you want to see an example of massive action outside the Warrior Forum – take a look at these (they are just examples of what I do when I am motivated to make something happen, I am motivated for you to see that YOU can dominate the warrior forum – with no affiliates, no big list, and no relationships) – this is what I’ve done in the last 5 years, before I began working on my WSO Domination Formula:

and this is the book I wrote teaching A-Z how to create a virtual online coaching business from scratch:

Anyone Can Coach Online

To your success,



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