"Yes, Sean, I want my own Information Business Publishing Empire Like Yours"

Yes, Sean, please set me up with my own Information Business Publishing Empire:


I understand I will receive:

Private Label Rights to EVERY PRODUCT YOU SELL - including your latest releases, your integrated conversion training, your email campaign toolbox, and your Targeted Traffic Training Program

PLUS - over 47 additional products

PLUS - your 44 lesson persuasive writing lessons -

I understand it's a total of over $15,000 of products themselves if I sold each one at the price you sell them for -

and I will have complete private label rights to them, to edit them in any way I want, add an intro from me and call them yours and mine, transcribe them and sell them as ebooks, turn them into videos - anything I want to do with them -


I understand that you can't guarantee any specific income level, that it will depend 100% on what I do with them.

I understand that this entire package is worth over $25,000 but for a limited time I can get a license for just $1995:


Plus, I understand that when I invest right now, I get:

1) Private label rights to your entire Platinum Coaching Series lessons! These are the EXACT lessons you use in your own $1000 coaching program - and I'll get them all, with private label rights to use them as my own! ($10,000 value)

2) I'll get advance private label rights to EVERY PRODUCT you release THROUGH 2014 - that's right - private label rights to EVERY PRODUCT you release in all of 2013 AND all of 2014! (priceless)

3) I'll get a full year of coaching with you in your BRAND NEW - mastermind coaching program you are releasing next week - (this is a BRAND NEW program and not been released yet, I'll get charter access at NO CHARGE for a full year!) ($5,000 value)

I understand that's over $15,000 + priceless in total BONUS value alone!


Yes, Sean, I am ready to change my life and invest in your "Information Marketing Publishing Empire" Complete PLR to Everything You Sell for $25,000 $1995:













Legal disclaimer: Note: this is NOT a business opportunity. You are buying unlimited private label rights to over 50 of my products. You can do anything you want with these products. No income is guaranteed, and every income mention in this letter is for illustrative purposes only. I have never sold this package before, so I can't state that others make so much etc. using this package. This is a brand new package of private label rights and will only be worth as much to you as you take these products and make them your own and sell them in your own business. And since it is your own business, I cannot claim that you will make any certain figure this year or any year.